The girls of Glee hit some highs and lows on the fashion front this week. These outfits were cute:

But why so glum, girls? Shouldn’t Brittany’s hat or Santana’s smokin’ jacket put a smile on your faces?


And here’s Rachel, looking just as down:


Rachel. You’re wearing a miniskirt, knee socks and penny loafers. This is your go-to teenage toddler outfit. So what if you have a broken nose and you’re feeling so damn unpretty? Your outfit is super-cute, and that’s what really matters! (That is the lesson Lady Gaga taught us all, right?). And look, Brittany’s wearing my favourite floppy red hat – another reason to smile!


Speaking of Brittany, she really brought it this week. I think this outfit was my favourite:

It takes a smashing body like Brittany’s to pull off high-waisted white pants, no? I love the suspenders and polka-dot shirt. And man, can this girl rock a hat.


Now she has a black version of my favourite hat.

I must get one of those!


Now, I’m usually not a fan of fur vests, but Brittany makes this one look adorable:

Look, everyone is smiling! Maybe it’s because Artie is finally wearing a tolerable sweater vest. I really love Quinn’s striped dress. All kinds of adorable.


Unfortunately, she probably ruined it with fugly ankle boots, which lately she’s insisted on wearing with EVERYTHING.

That skirt is gorgeous, and the whole outfit is nicely put together – until you see her feet, which are inexplicably outfitted in hiking boots and tube socks. Why? Why is this Quinn’s favourite way to accessorize a pretty floral dress? She looks great when you can’t see her feet.

I love the neckline on that dress. And she looks great in this fedora and floral scarf:


When she sang with Rachel, Quinn looked beautiful again – but I bet she still had awful footwear on. Can someone introduce this girl to a nice wedge? Or at least a better style of boot?


Rachel had some nice moments this week, despite her busted up nose. I loved the dress/cardigan combo she wore to sing with Quinn – even if it was sort of reminiscent of Quinn’s own style. Rachel, I don’t mind if you copy Quinn’s nose as long as you don’t trade in your penny loafers for ankle boots. Mmmkay?


At her Barbravention, Rachel wore a classic look – a cute top and skirt paired with tights and flats.


Now, someone who doesn’t have quite as consistent of a style is Santana. Take, for example, this look:

A fur vest AND hat? What would possess someone to wear this? Obviously she’s not chilly, because she’s not wearing any sleeves. She looks like a really angry animal.


Her ensemble for her “date” with Karofsky was not much better.

Look, Santana. I’m totes on board with the lesbian thing. I encourage you to rock it because, like Brittany, I think you’re awesome. But if you insist on staying in the closet for now, fringed leather vests cannot be your friend. Save them for junior college and stick to wearing things like this:

The animal print top, the hot pink skirt, the amazing tuxedo jacket – I love everything about this outfit. It screams “Look at me, I’m way hotter than you!”. Yet, despite my love for this look, I still think this one is Santana’s best yet:

The jacket is kind of cute, but we’ve seen Mercedes rock this look a million times before. It’s time for her to expand her horizons a little. Unfortunately, there is a worse offender.


Lauren Zizes.

Mixing plaid and stripes? A T-shirt with a skull on it? Come on, girl. We can do better.


This is a little better, but not by much.


This last outfit might be the least horrendous.

I like what she’s done with her hair here, and the lipstick is nice. But stripes and a floral pattern on one top? How about just flowers next time? If that top was plain black with the flowers, I think I’d be able to handle it.


The worst fashion offenders from the whole hour and a half long episode, though, were these girls.

Who are these girls? Where did they come from? Have we seen them on Glee before? Why didn’t I notice them? Why are they dressed the same? So. Many. Questions. For realsies, though, they’re weird. You’re supposed to stop coordinating outfits with your BFFs when you hit the double digits, not well into high school. And who exactly are they emulating? Not Quinn. Not Santana. Is someone from Big Love running for prom queen? Why are they dressed like sister wives?

If this keeps up, Emma Pillsbury might need to stage a fashion intervention at McKinley High.