Thank grilled cheesus, because Kurt Hummel has returned to McKinley High. Dalton Academy seems nice and everything, but the uniforms? Yawn. Kurt needs to express himself, and he cannot do so whilst wearing the same blazer as everyone else.

As dashing as those boys look, it gets a bit dull week after week. Also, where’d McKinley High get a piano? Outdoors? You’re a disadvantaged school in Ohio! This should not be happening! But I can accept that fantasy in exchange for swooning over Blaine while he publicly serenades Kurt with “Somewhere Only We Know”. Bliss.


Before returning to McKinley, Kurt had to know he’d be safe. So for a meeting with parents, faculty, and public enemy number one Karofsky, he wore this number:

This is what we’ve been missing while Kurt’s been warbling away at Dalton. Plaid riding pants! A red bowtie! Some sort of weird chain! (Is it for a pocket watch? If so, awesome.) And this outfit was only the first in a string of spectacular outfits that marked the return of Kurt:

Genius. After all, if you can wear a top hat to your small town high school and not get bullied, then you just aren’t going to get bullied. The jacket is spectacular. To celebrate his return, Kurt absolutely slayed his Sunset Boulevard number, and rocked this bizarre little outfit:

Yes, he’s wearing keys around his neck. And yes, it’s awesome. Only Kurt could pull off an outfit like this, complete with the white Doc Martins. But I think my favorite outfit of all was this one:

If only the Mall of America were in Ohio instead of Minnesota. So patriotic! So bright! So distinct! The other boys from glee club could learn from his example.


Now, I don’t expect everyone to dress as outlandishly as Kurt. That would be too much to handle. But must they wear so much plaid? Come on, fellas, mix it up a little. (You’ve got to love Brittany’s romper and wool hat, though. So kooky.)


Luckily, Mike Chang at least makes some attempt at not looking like a lumberjack 24/7.


I love the vest and hat with the green T-shirt and sneakers. The rest of you boys, though? Pick up the slack.