Finn (accidentally) breaks Rachel’s nose, and she considers taking the opportunity to replace it with Quinn’s more delicate nose. But Quinn has a secret – she wasn’t born with that nose either. Kurt makes a triumphant return to McKinley High (finally!) just in time to see almost everyone battle it out for Prom King & Queen. And Emma sought treatment for her OCD, which inspired Schue to once again teach all the kids a lesson using – what else? – the gospel of Lady Gaga.


Something was missing from this episode, no? Something athletic…something striped.  Yes, there was no Sue Sylvester in this extra-long episode of Glee. But you know what? I can do without the parade of Adidas tracksuits if it means getting to see lots of adorable Emma Pillsbury outfits. Like this one:

Classic Emma – an embellished sweater and latex gloves. But personally, I much prefer this pineapple-adorned sweater. I wonder if she cleaned this sweater as meticulously as she disinfects her real fruit?


For her trip to the shrink, Emma wore this adorable red bow cardigan with a green skirt. I love both pieces individually, but I’m not sure I’m sold on them as an outfit. It’s not Christmas, and even if it were, it wouldn’t be OK.



As for Will, he started out rocky. Is he sitting on a piano there? Why does that make me feel uncomfortable? Oh yeah, because I’m worried he’ll start rolling around on it any second as he inappropriately serenades his students. He didn’t, but that didn’t make me like this shirt/vest combo any better.


I do like this sweater, though. It compliments his butt chin, don’t you think?


Here, Will and Emma both look great. I love Emma’s yellow jacket, and the red T-strap shoes work perfectly. Will looks dashing in his plaid shirt and tie, although I wish he’d go for a darker wash jean. And maybe some different shoes.