Elijah returns from the dead to fill us in on his life when he was undead. Among the many “OMG” moments, the biggest reveal is that he and his brother Klaus created the Sun and Moon curse. Yeah, that’s right: the thing that everyone’s been focusing on, everyone’s been in pursuit of … it’s all a red herring. The real curse is Klaus-specific: he’s actually half-vampire, half-werewolf, but witches have suppressed the werewolf side of him. Klaus wants to break the curse so he can access both the werewolf and the vampire within. Before he can break the curse, Klaus first is transferred back into his original body – but not before using his Alaric costume to raise some hell and fill Jenna in on the existence of vampires.


We start off the episode with Elijah’s lifeless form. He’s looking a little worse for wear after Damon’s attempt at blowtorching him.


Fortunately, Elijah uses his powers of compulsion for good: a quick visit to the Lockwood home to borrow a suit from the late Mr. Mayor Lockwood. For a guy who, until a few minutes prior, had a giant silver dagger in his chest, he’s looking pretty sharp. I can see why Elena was more than happy to give her word to return as soon as possible.


As good as he is at dressing in modern garb, Elijah’s medieval looks were a little lacking. You can barely see his top in this high-resolution picture from the CW’s website.


His daywear is only slightly better. Elijah, how can you expect to steal women from your brother when you’re wearing shirts the color of rich soil?


By contrast, here’s what Klaus rocks the first time Katerina sees him: a rich blue velvet tunic that makes him look like royalty. Standing next to him, Elijah looks like his manservant.


In another flashback, we learn that vampires have always loved leather jackets. Check out Klaus’s very cool – and slightly bedazzled – jacket.


He  chooses to accent it with a shirt that has been artfully stained by the blood of the innocent; always a good choice. The red really makes the billowy white top and black jacket pop.


While wearing his Alaric costume, Klaus does the most he can with Safari Sam’s wardrobe. Per usual, he follows the vampire code with a dark button down shirt that stretches across his well-muscled torso.

He even manages to dig out a dark – but, I’m pretty sure, not leather – jacket to wear in the always cold Mystic Falls.

When he walks into his apartment, you can actually see the light tan jacket Alaric was wearing when he was captured hanging on a coat rack.


You have to hand it to Klaus: he is a very considerate house guest and host. Not only does he make sure to take care of Alaric’s wardrobe, he gives Katherine a break from stabbing herself in the leg. When we next see her, she’s been given a change of clothes, some eye makeup, and a curling iron.


What’s most impressive is how well he knows her style – look at the boots he picked up for her.


Stiletto booties? Yeah, must be Katherine. This was a great episode for Katherine. We got to see the young, almost sweet 1492 Katerina England version of her. She giggled, you guys. Katherine giggled. And not flirtatiously, but like, genuinely. It kind of freaked me out. She was wearing an older version of her Katherine hair – lots of curls, although much tighter ones to be era-appropriate. She was also wearing a gorgeous gown in a very Elena color when we first saw her.


My favorite part, though, is Katerina’s jewelry. I kind of need this necklace immediately.


The next day, when she’s busy angsting to Elijah about his way hotter brother, Katerina wears a very pretty green dress. This makes me very happy, as I love green and I love when brunettes wear dark greens (not to make this all about me, but I’m wearing a very similarly colored top right now).


But seriously, how young and innocent does she look? Poor Katerina. She has no idea she’s about to be made into a sacrifice, only to vamp herself at the last minute. Then again, she becomes all kinds of awesome after that, so it’s not like things are so tough for her.