It’s like a moth to a flame, if the moths were Tina, Mike, Artie and Brittany and the flame was a sorely underappreciated, underfunded club.  First Glee Club, now the Brainiacs.  And I couldn’t believe Brittany was a Brainiac…but I could believe she was an expert on cat diseases.  I could also believe that Tina would wear something as ridiculous as this dress, that Brittany would wear a shirt that just says “happy,” and that Mike and Artie would wear what they probably wore the day before, but just in different colors. 


Mike and Artie are, again, less than thrilling in their ensembles of choice, but to make up for it, Tina wore a bib and Brittany whipped out her sheepskin vest.  Because, you know, it’s still chilly outside. 


Oh, for crying out loud, again with the bibs!  Tina, you look like a lost pilgrim.  Brittany…well…thank you for not wearing a bib.


Tina did finally get her act together in time for her performance, though.  Can’t say it’s a keeper, but this dress, with the v-neckline and poufy skirt, it’s infinitely preferable to her Mayflower get up. 


I love, love Artie’s rainbow colored sweater vest!  Brittany is super cute with the bandana around her neck and Tina discovered what a real collar is.  

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