In an attempt to save the New Directions’ dreams of Nationals, Mr. Schue announces that his fundraiser of choice is taffy selling.  Taffy.  Seriously?  They would’ve been better off with Puck’s magic brownies from season one.   But he must be trying to really hard to pitch this idea to them because he looks like he walked straight out of a Wrangler jeans ad.  


Well, hello, Mr. Rogers.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn’t it?


Okay…so, I see we’ve been nosing around Artie’s closet for some inspiration…


But he does clean up awfully nice in his suit despite the dull color scheme.  He needs to learn to embrace a brighter color palette.   


Who’s better to rescue than a damsel in distress?  The moment he hears that Hot Dentist Carl has left Emma, Will swoops in, cleans her grapes and promises to be there for her as she compulsively cleans in her super cute apron and matching cardigan with velvet detailing and pearl buttons. 


Holly rescues Mr. Schue and the New Directions (from himself and imminent failure, respectively) and suggests hosting a benefit concert while dining at Chez Schuester.  It kind of looks like she’s in her pajamas…and if I were having a slumber party with Will Schuester, that definitely wouldn’t be my choice of nightwear.     


You can’t beat a good costume!  You just can’t!  Love it.  


Not only did Holly rescue the Glee Club from a guaranteed flop of a fundraiser and a commissioned gang of hecklers, but she did it while in this stunning little number.  The floor length, one-shoulder gown seems a bit more Gwyneth than Holly, but it’s gorgeous all the same.  The gold teardrop earrings and matching cuffs were spot on, too.  Brava, Holly!


Kurt and Blaine, being the lovable Warblers they are, went to the show to support Kurt’s besties.  Nothing notable here, but I’m intrigued by the pop-up boutonniere Kurt’s sporting.  What…what is that?  Is it a design?  Is it an animal?  I have no idea.


Their visit to the hallowed halls of WMHS is marred by an unpleasant run in with Karofsky.  Fortunately, Santana, with razor blades all up in her hair, arrives just in time in a smokin’ outfit.  I’m not crazy about the fur vest or the tribal-like jewlery, but she looks outrageously good in this dress.  Truly, truly outrageous (that one’s for all the Jem fans!).