The New Directions find themselves short on cash when they discover that the money to fund their trip to Nationals is supposed to come from the Cheerios’ budget…which is, naturally, holed up in an offshore account.  But never fear, Mr. Schue is here — with taffy.  And some harebrained idea to sell it in mass quantities.  Thankfully, Holly Holiday puts an end to that nonsense and suggests that they host a benefit concert instead: Night of Neglect.  Coincidentally—but not really—the WMHS Brainiacs (aka: Tina, Mike, Artie and Brittany… I know) are also strapped for cash and hop onto fundraising bandwagon.  Oh, and Mercedes goes completely Vh1 Divas on the club and makes irrational demands at the behest of one Lauren Zizes.  Meanwhile, Sue enlists three of Mr. Schue’s enemies to (big surprise here) ruin the concert and all things Glee.  Sunshine Corazon (this one came out of left field with Brainiac Brittany) returns to sing the finale at the concert and promises to invite her 600 Twitter followers but, again, big surprise, she drops out at the last minute.  Carl leaves Emma, Emma goes into OCD overdrive, Will comes to her rescue (this time without taffy) and Holly realizes that he’s still in love with Emma so she leaves for Cleveland.  And that’s what you missed on Glee. 


I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think about when I put on a benefit concert is how to make the biggest spectacle of myself.  Tired of fighting Rachel and Sunshine Corazon via the New Directions for the coveted finale spot, Mercedes is relegated to a piddling middle slot…much like this outfit.  It’s so ho hum.  Where’s the neon?  Where are the giant novelty accessories?  Where’s the patent leather? 


Ah ha!  Found it!  It doesn’t get much better than a hot pink fedora and I love that boom box necklace. 


But it isn’t long before Lauren, with a little help from Aretha, encourages Mercedes to stop acting like a fabulous, sparkly doormat and demand some respect, a la the Queen of Soul.  Cue diva Mercedes.  She is so teen chic here and even though she’s in a monochromatic palette, the studs in her vest and textured scarf make it interesting. 


I love, sincerely and genuinely love, a good fascinator.  And while this doesn’t quite top Aretha’s gigantic sparkly bow hat, it’s still awesome.  Granted, there’s a lot of sparkle going on here, but would you expect less from a diva?  Navy is such a great color on her, too, and lends a bit of restraint to all the sequins.

And let’s please take a moment to honor those lovely peep-toe, sling back, platform stilettos.  Awesome.


I actually thoroughly enjoy Lauren’s ensemble and really dig the mustard cardigan.  The vintage floral print is feminine, but the dark colors rein it in a bit—it’s a nice change from her usual punky, sort of thug-esque outfits.


Like this one.


Forgive me for stating the obvious, but…wasn’t Christmas a while ago?  Put that outfit back under the tree.


Finn and Quinn, as organizers of the benefit, were not only on the receiving end of Mercedes’ demands (like fluffy puppies), but were apparently required to remain joined at the hip for the entire episode.  The flannel is a huge yawn on Finn, but I really like Quinn’s outfit.  That is a great blazer and the stripes keep the rest of the outfit from falling flat.  Oh, and hi Puck.  We missed you in this episode!


Quinn is flawless here.  Her hair was just perfection throughout the whole episode and I love the printed dress and cardigan combo.  Finn, on the other hand, is obviously just a lost cause.  Seriously, try on a sweater or a long sleeved shirt.  Just give it a shot. 


Oh, thank God, he found a shirt he can’t unbutton.  Quinn, again, totally hits it out of the park with the mix of colors and print.  If that isn’t the picture of your perfect Midwestern prom queen, I don’t know what is.


Leave it to Rachel to pull Mercedes from the brink of a diva disaster—but then again, it takes one to know one.  This outfit, however, is not exactly diva-friendly.  Every fiber of my being instinctually likes anything pink, but the magenta tights paired with the floral dress come off a tad garish.


I only wonder why it took her so long to wear a dress with ponies on it.  How sweet is this dress?  It has that whimsical-yet-slightly-off quality that is 100% Rachel.  Another slightly-off quality?  Those white tights. 


Well, it’s not her best outfit and at first glance I thought that was a Playboy bunny on her sweater.  On the other hand, she looks so pretty and sweet in all the soft pinks and I really like her pink plaid skirt. 


I really wish there were a better shot of this dress because it’s so pretty.  So simple and feminine, it was the perfect number to wear while Mercedes took the spotlight in all her glittery glory.