Most people find a partner in crime when they want to engage in some light to moderate evil plotting, but not Sue.  No, she forms the League of Doom.  That’s right, a league.  Of doom. 

Enter Dustin Gooslby, Sandy Ryerson, and Terri Schuester, otherwise know as Sergeant Handsome, the Pink Dagger, and Honey Badger.  Like Tina, Dustin likes to stick to black-centric outfits.  Unlike Tina, his execution is much better.  Sandy’s wardrobe is reminiscent of the Easter Bunny.  Terri definitely wins this round hands down—the gray jacket fits perfectly and her hair looks like a Pantene ad. 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—you can’t beat a good costume.  And I love this!  That hat just cracks me up!  And speaking of crack, in a surprising twist, Sandy donates his drug money to the Brainiacs.    


And of course, behind every great mastermind is an even greater selection of tracksuits.  I know she switches the colors to liven it up or at least prove that she does change her clothes on a regular basis, but I’d really like to bedazzle at least one of them.


Not only does Sue have her League of Doom, but she sends an ad hoc sub-committee, the Hecklers Club, to the concert to heckle all the performers.  Nothing particularly outstanding here…just Jacob Ben Israel’s super intense fluff of hair.


Ah, Sunshine Corazon.  How random was her appearance?  Her outfit was just a bit too busy for my taste but I really liked everything from the waist up.  The stripes and military coat pair well together and I like the little flounce detailing at the bottom of her jacket.  The floral skirt, however, we can do without.


As for the last link on our chain of fools: Sam.  Why?  Because he’s so darn cute with his trouty mouth and Beiber hair, but didn’t manage to finagle himself into at least one performance.