We finally get to see Klaus in all his debonair, quietly evil glory. As it turns out, the Sun and Moon Curse has been a giant hoax … which means that now the fun can really start.

Best Outfit
It’s tough to choose between Elijah’s perfectly-tailored suit (formerly owned by Mayor Lockwood) or Katerina’s gorgeous gowns, but I have to go with Katerina’s rich green and burgundy dresses on this one.

Leather Jacket of the Week
Klaus’s medieval leather jacket proves that a vampire’s love of cowhide is timeless.

“I believe the term you’re searching for is … OMG.”
The quote might be in reference to the fact that he’s Klaus’s brother, but I still can’t decide what was more shocking: that Klaus is half vampire/half werewolf, or that he gave Katherine a curling iron.

Stating the Obvious, by Damon Salvatore
“That might be your plan. Mine’s better.”

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