After her “life-changing” kiss with Dan, Blair spends a week in bed with “consumption.”   This is a reaction I can both understand and get behind, because if I kissed a Humphrey, I’d feel just about the same way.

Of course, even feeling under the weather, Blair still sports fabulous silk pajamas and eye mask.


If you thought the Chinese painting print on those was gorgeous, wait until you see this flowered pair.

J’adore the luxurious-looking, old-fashioned rose pattern paired with the dusky pink robe.


Of course, when Blair gets a call from Epperly that her bullying expertise is required on the Taschen Modern Royalty photoshoot, even consumption can’t keep our fashion dominatrix down.

Love the full skirt with its slight pouf, paired with the bright red patterned blouse and intricately woven and beaded jacket. So Blair. 

The only complaint I have is that the bright clear red of the blouse and the dull maroon accents on the jacket don’t complement each other all that well.

On the other hand, her hair makes up for this slight defect by its sheer fabulosity.  For almost an entire season now, Blair’s hair has been uncharacteristically flat and lifeless.  This is a glorious return to old-Blair form.


Dan isn’t pining in quite the same way Blair is—AKA he’s pining for Blair herself, not for Chuck.  Does that explain his return to plaid shirts?  Is there some modicum of comfort to be found in such old standbys?

Good thing it appears he has more than enough to wrap himself in because Blair is clearly moving on past her temporary stop in Brooklyn.


Dan’s apparently been so affected by our UES Princess that he actually believes that Blair has pulled strings and had him added to the Taschen book.

Blair does comment that this is a nice suit—the sweet lie is uncharacteristic of her because this most definitely isn’t a nice suit.  It’s boring and plain, like everything that Dan wears.  I miss the shawl collar sweater he broke out when he worked at W.

Maybe Blair was too distracted by the hair creeping down his forehead to really notice his suit.  I think it’s trying to reach paradise—Dan’s nest of chest hair.


Chuck, the other (and actually legitimate) claimant to the Queen B’s heart, is about as opposite as Dan Humphrey as you can possible get.  Take this excessively stylish velvet smoking robe jacket and silk pajama pants. Channeling Hugh Hefner much?

So dapper, so suave.  That crimson velvet looks like a return to old Chuck Bass style.  With Blair’s curls returning, I suppose such a move is expecting (and very welcome, I might add).


Unfortunately, Chuck then changes into his normal parade of perfectly matched and fitted, but ultimately boring, power suits.

Love the wide stripe on the navy blue jacket, and the rich pattern of his mauve tie


For a Chuck Bass power suit, this plaid pattern is actually quite unique and the light blue paisley tie is gorgeous.


But it’s at the photo shoot for Taschen that Chuck really returns to his old ways.

It’s a cravat!  And a belted tuxedo jacket, complete with royal emblem!

Of course Chuck Bass has a royal emblem—and naturally he would want to show it off to its prime advantage.  Never mind that with all that black, he looks like he should be giving some poor schmuck cement shoes.


Nate’s storyline is not only excessively snooze-worthy, but his wardrobe is even worse. Is he even worth mentioning anymore?

It’s my opinion that wardrobe should just be done away with entirely for our young Mr. Archibald.  This shot would have been so much better without that pesky shirt.


And if he’s going to wear a shirt the color of his skin, just let him wear his skin, for goodness sake!


Lastly, if you’re going to include an image of Nate bringing a girl breakfast in bed, why would you have him fully clothed in plaid pajama pants and a long-sleeved shirt?

I bet you that nobody would accuse Nate of being such a snoozer if we saw a little more skin.  Just saying.


Raina, on the other hand, seems to delight in showing as much skin as possible.  Maybe between the two of them they’re trying to even out the ratio to something resembling a normal level.

Actually this bright green robe was really quite flattering on her.  It’s a very distinctive color but she wears it well.


Unfortunately, it’s after this that she pulls out all the stops in the most skin-baring outfit of hers to date.

If I was Nate, I wouldn’t be so concerned about Raina’s mother.  I’d be more worried that she can actually breathe in this excessively tight lilac bandage dress.  Also, she might catch Blair’s consumption because pretty much all of her chest is exposed to the supposedly frigid New York air.


Those silver earrings look like something Lily might start crafting and selling in the big house a la Martha Stewart.  Not a great look for Raina.


Her navy blue silk chemise is pretty and actually, for Raina anyway, pretty classy.  I do wish though that she would let her hair breathe a little, and wear it wavier, like she had been the last few episodes.  It’s so severe when it’s that straight, and it makes her look more than a little uptight and bitchy.