Recovering from the aftermath of turning herself in, Lily’s sister and her daughter show up. And in true Gossip Girl fashion, Charlie (Lily’s niece) has some mysterious secrets in her past that we’re dying to find out!

Party du Jour
In a suprising twist, there was no actual party; however, the “Modern Royalty” photo shot was a good excuse to drape one’s self in couture. 

Best Line
“You might be upper east side blue blood and I might be Florida bohemian but at bottom the Rhodes’ sisters are still bad asses from the valley” –Lily’s sister

Best Outfit
Serena’s gown for the photo shot (at left). Make-up and hair are perfect as well…for once.  

Nate and Raina’s relationship. This plot line needs some serious reconsideration!


Bethany will finally give us some GG love (or not) after its much awaited return! Check back Thursday!