Klaus-as-Alaric toys with Elena at the 60s dance, and Bonnie fights him to the (faked) death.

Best Costume
Caroline was barely in the episode, but she was a very cute undead first lady.

He Didn’t Have Anything Vintage?
Despite having a box of time period-appropriate womens clothes, the best Stefan could manage was a suit with a skinny tie? Even Jeremy managed to pull out the paisely and a vest, and he’s the mopiest teenager ever.

Favorite Detail
I loved Bonnie’s red knee high boots. They made her look like a superhero – perfect for when she’s taking down Klaus.

History by Klaus
“I wish there was something good I could say about the ’60s. Actually, they kind of sucked. Except for the Beatles, of course. They made it bearable. What else was there? The Cuban Missile thing. We walked on the moon. Watergate.”

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