After spending some time with Señor Tequila, Jenna decides she’s fulfilled her parent-figure duties and locks herself in her room to make Elena’s mother’s return all about her. At least this allows us to get a good look at her very cute equestrian-style boots.


The next day, she switches out the equestrian boots for a daytime appropriate pair of brown ones, the better for storming around the foyer.


She flounces around looking way more styled than one would expect from someone who just spent the night devastated over lies and betrayal. Then again, you can only pout in your room for so long before getting bored, so she probably decided to kill some time by flat-ironing her hair around 5 am. 


 Jeremy doesn’t do much beyond follow Bonnie and occasionally ask exposition-enabling questions, but he’s pretty cute while doing it. With Stefan masquerading as a high schooler but looking as if he’s stepped out of an Abercrombie store, it’s nice to be reminded of how an actual teenage boy dresses.


Speaking of teenage boys, the oldest looking mortal high schooler in all the land is still reeling after learning that Caroline is a vampire. I’m going to take this opportunity to let it be known that I hate those fur collared Sherpa jackets. I don’t know why, but they’ve always bugged me. It’s fitting then that Matt, who always inexplicably kind of bugs me, is wearing a Sherpa jacket.


My favorite part of watching a tv show is keeping an eye on the extras or the minor characters. After doing several takes of a scene in which they don’t have much to do besides react or open a door, they start giving their characters some major attitude.

Those poor cater-waiters. Not only are they traumatized by John’s lifeless body, they’re stuck wearing truly hideous uniforms. I didn’t think anything could clash with khaki, but these vests have proven me wrong.

I hope these actors thought of a backstory for their characters. I’ve decided that they are brother and sister, and they’re catering to support their vaudeville act.

Then you have Isobel’s chauffer, owner of a giant belt buckle and a whole lot of attitude. See, Damon? It’s possible to wear black but switch it up occasionally. I’m not suggesting you wear this outfit, but I just want you to see the possibilities.


This may be my character choice ever. As he opens the door for Isobel and Elena, the chauffer pops one leg out in this wonderfully impatient, quietly sassy stance.

There is an entire character in that belt buckle and bent leg – a character I want to get to know. Is he a vampire? Is he working for Klaus? Think about the possibilities of the two of them drinking wine and gossiping – you know they would come up with some awesome schemes. At the very least, can he be on Katherine’s makeover show, “Your Style Bites?”

Katherine is far too evil to be without a henchman, and this chauffer is definitely the man for the job.