Episode Synopsis: Isobel returns with multiple double-crosses that end in her turning Katherine over to Klaus. Bonnie, Jeremy and Damon go on a field trip to the burial site of all the witches, where Bonnie is given more magic. If her first use of it is any indication, she now has the power of a very strong leaf blower. Caroline tells Matt the truth about Vicky, and he promptly tells Caroline’s mother everything – including that Caroline is a vampire.. Isobel takes Elena to the graveyard where Isobel’s parents had an empty grave for Isobel, and after much dramatic vampire speechifying, Klaus’s henchman releases Isobel. She promptly rips off her necklace and bursts into flames in front of Elena, making Isobel parent #3 to die in front of Elena and adding at least another five years to her therapy bills.


The A-plot was all about Elena, Katherine, and Isobel this week. To drive this point home, all three were wearing purple with black coats through the last act.

I love that wardrobe dresses Elena like a normal teenager when she’s at home. Jeans, a ridiculously comfy looking sweater, Converse. This is definitely what Elena would be wearing after a night spent trying to talk to her very mature guardian through a door.


It’s also yet another wine color for Elena, which seems to be her big color at the moment. I can’t complain – the color works for her. It’s a good thing Nina Dobrev’s complexion works well with dark reds; if she were a pale blonde, the bright reds would be far too obvious a connection to blood and vampireness.


Elena in the outfit Katherine picked out for her. You have to give Katherine credit – she does manage to nail Elena’s style. Then again, it’s not hard: henley + tank + jeans + straight hair = Elena Gilbert. Alternately, my wardrobe on any particular day, but I don’t have a fabulous undead doppelganger hell-bent on creating chaos while maintaining perfect curls and spectacular cleavage. I love that Katherine styled the outfit a little for Elena: Elena would probably have worn knee high flat boots with this outfit, but Katherine made sure to leave her with stiletto booties. I’d love to watch an episode where Katherine goes through Elena’s closet and gives her a makeover. Oh man, how awesome would a makeover reality show hosted by Katherine be?


Just a normal morning for Katherine: cute tank top, perfect hair and makeup. I’d love to find out that she’s secretly compelled a hairstylist to live in her closet and fix her up every day, mostly because curling your hair takes time out of an otherwise busy day of scheming and backstabbing.


This was an episode full of long shots that let us see the whole outfit. What I took from this scene was that Nina Dobrev might have the longest legs ever, in the history of the universe. Also, Katherine loves stiletto ankle booties, and I need to own that jacket. The feed I watch when I livetweeted this episode cut out most of this act, so I completely missed what was clearly the winning Leather Jacket of the Week.

Another angle on the awesome cropped motorcycle jacket with the flared back was big among vampires this week – both Katherine and Caroline wore jackets with that cut. It works way better on the leather jacket than on Caroline’s denim one.


Because the Sweet Valley twins wore the same dress this episode (spoiler alert: in the next episode, they switch places to go on each other’s dates!) , I thought it was worth comparing and contrasting how they looked – because, although the differences were small, they were very telling.

This purple dress is gorgeous, but not something I would have picked for Elena. It’s a little lower-cut than we usually see from her – she’s been more of a sweetheart neckline girl in the past, unless I’m forgetting something. I love the little pyramid stud cuff she’s wearing, it’s very unlike her.


Getting this full shot of the dress was great, because it’s really easy to compare and contrast the differences between Elena wearing it and Katherine wearing it. The dress is low-cut, but Elena’s kept it fairly modest with only a little cleavage and a longer hemline. It looks great on her, although I’m not loving the black heel (you’ll see them in Katherine’s section). It makes sense, though. She’s never been one for dressing up, so it makes sense that she’d only have a few pairs of heels. Even still, when you have a badass doppelganger running around, at least raid her closet once or twice. Isn’t that the perk of having an evil twin?


Speaking of perks … in case you can’t tell from the livetweets, one of my favorite things about Katherine is her unrelenting devotion to push-up bras. Even when she’s pretending to be Elena, she can’t help but rock some major cleavage. The first time she saw a WonderBra, she must have thought, “Finally, my time has arrived.”


I really liked this coat. It has a pea coat feel, but having only two buttons keeps the jacket from feeling too casual. Like I said at the top of this post, all three women in the A-plot spend the last act wearing purple dresses with black jackets, a point that’s prominently on display here.

It wasn’t until I was screencapping for this post that I noticed the most striking difference between Elena and Katherine in this dress: the hemline is several inches shorter. Is Katherine taller than Elena, or do vampires have magic hemming powers?


Another thing I didn’t notice until I was screencapping for this post: the moment when Stefan realizes that Elena is actually Katherine. Watch his eyes:

A quick glance down, then up – Katherine, when will you learn that your cleavage will betray you every time?

Despite packing heavily for this trip, Isobel spent the entire episode in one outfit.

This is the problem with dresses that have pockets: you are going to put your hands in the pockets, and it’s going to totally screw up the lines of the dress. I’m not loving the fit for Isobel to begin with, and the pockets don’t help. It’s all just a little too comfortable for a vampire – maybe I’ve been spoiled by Katherine, but vampires shouldn’t be wearing dresses that I would pick to conceal a food baby.

Isobel’s huge hoops were terribly distracting to me through her entire scene in the Gilbert kitchen. They’re gigantic. The earrings kept poking through her hair because they were hitting her neck and her shoulders. I was hoping that Elena would try to pitch lemons through them.


I don’t think Isobel changed her dress through the episode, but she did wear two different coats. The first was a drapey jacket that I couldn’t get any good shots of, but I think it had a leather back. The second was a peacoat style that she wore through the last act – a look I loved because it felt so young and innocent.


And finally, answering that eternal question: what kind of luggage does a vampire use when she doesn’t have to carry her own bags? Louis Vuitton, of course.