Quinn is destined to become Prom Queen, but believes the only way to do so is with Finn by her side.  Threatened by Rachel’s talent (and I mean who wouldn’t be), she decides to live by the motto – keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.  “Well Rachel Berry, you just got yourself a new best friend.”  Or shall we say frenimie?


Fact:  You just can’t plot and scheme properly if you aren’t wearing a super cute hat.  And this red trapezoid shaped bag with buttons?  Awesome! 


I do love polka dots, so I like the dress/skirt because of them, but I am still not on board with the long flowy skirts Quinn has been wearing.  Regardless, the entire outfit is just great.


Fact:  “Prom Queens live, on average, 5 years longer than regular people.  It’s probably because they smile a lot, and smiling has been proven to ward off diseases.”

Look at all the sparkles!!  I want my own crown to play dress up with!  And please note Quinn’s nails.  That color is absolutely gorgeous and her nails are shaped perfectly.  LOVE.


This was actually my favorite outfit worn by Quinn this week.  I am in love with her off-white, short sleeved sweater, over her striped, form fitting dress.  So in love with this sweater in fact, I will be breaking into the Glee set to steal it.  Consider this your warning, Glee folks.


On another note, let’s talk about Quinn’s hair.  Along with the new attitude, she’s recently been doing new things with her hair.  In this ‘do she has successfully catapulted to new heights.  Quinn definitely pulls it off.  Not saying I love it, but she pulls it off.


Maybe Quinn couldn’t handle the weight of all that hair spray, we’re back down to normal proportions here and I must say it looks much nicer.  I love, love, love her scarf and it looks wonderful with her lilac colored sweater and white dress.


And now Quinn’s hair has been fully deflated.  I do like the colors and pattern of this dress, but it’s yet another long, below the knees dress (just trust me, it was hard to get a good pic).  They’re cute and fun, but I’m getting tired of them.  So Glee wardrobe department, please stop dressing Quinn in these ill-fitting dresses.  She deserves so much better!


I like this outfit.  Althought at first, I loved it.  That was when all I could see was the yellow cardigan over her cute olive colored dress.  I still can’t tell what the pattern on the dress is (are they ducks?  Angels?), but either way I approve.  What I don’t approve of are the white tights.  They turn this outfit into one a kindergartner would wear.


Cardigan #2:  Coral, cable knit, cute.


I actually didn’t hate any of Rachel’s outfits this week.  This navy dress with white high-waisted belt is adorable, and I love the red and white striped cardigan (#3) on top.  Definitely high school appropriate. 


I know we already saw this dress but I truly loved it on Rachel, so here it is again.  Plus this gives you another look at Awesome Microphone!


No hate for the dress Rachel wore while giving her MVP speech.  It’s certainly not runway worthy, but it doesn’t make me want to barf, either.  Rachel wore a lot of navy this week, and I think the color looks really good on her.


Boooooooring is about all I can say for Finn this week.  Nothing out of the norm here.


But I did like how he looked in his Regionals outfit.  Super snazzy!  And he got a lot of extra points for his reaction to Rachel’s song.  Awww!


One boy, two girls.  What a difficult situation for poor Finn.

So my question, which couple looks cuter together?


Finn and Rachel:  Finn actually seems to care a good deal for Rachel.  We saw that this week.  But more importantly, their colors compliment each other very well.


Finn and Quinn:  Yes, their names rhyme and they’re the All-American couple, but look at Finn’s body language.  He doesn’t seem to be responding to Quinn at all.  And she definitely doesn’t make him dress any better.


I’ll leave you guys to mull this one over.