So here’s what you missed on Glee:  And the winner is… The New Directions (and the crowd cheers!).  After many failed attempts at writing their own original songs, Rachel and the gang finally find their inner voice and produce two pretty awesome songs to sing at Regionals.  But even more exciting: Kurt is back!  Hal-le-lu-jah!  With solos, a non-uniform outfit, and most importantly (and shall I say finally?!) a HUGE smack-a-roo with Blaine!  Meanwhile, Quinn is still vying for Prom Queen (sigh) and will do whatever it takes to win, including using Finn and breaking Rachel’s fragile heart.  And well, Sue was Sue, telling lies, punching out old ladies; you know, just a typical day in Sue-Land.  And that’s what you missed on Glee!


We all know that Sue can be mean, vicious, conniving… But this week, instead of getting upset or angry, The New Directions used Sue’s put-downs as inspiration for their own kick-ass original song titled, “Loser Like Me.”  But unfortunately, the kids’ wardrobes were not as kick-ass as their song.

Jean Jackets aren’t really my thing, so obviously short puffy sleeved jean jackets really aren’t.  And I feel like we’ve seen either the same top or a similar one on Santana before.  Not that there is anything wrong with recycling, except for the fact that I didn’t like it then. And guess what?  I still don’t!


OK, so I love this top.  Well kind of.  I actually wish it were a dress, or at least a little longer.  And I wish she didn’t pair it with this lacy, cream colored, cropped jacket.  Barf, really.  Her jeans are another no-no.  I mean she wore them last week and we did NOT approve, did she not learn?  If she must wear this top with jeans, and keep it at this length, I think dark wash, skinny jeans with some really cute pumps would have been a much better choice.  In fact, I would have given that outfit an A+ rating.


However, she can keep the necklace, it’s super swoon-worthy.  Oh yeah, and her Blair Waldorf style head band is uber cute as well.  (Trouty MooUOUOUth…Sing it girl!)


Not really a fan of fur (fake or real), but Santana looks spectacular in this 3/4 length black top and [I’m really hoping fake] fur vest.  Plus she looks so cute rocking out to Mercedes’ song.


Brittany is looking a little like Mercedes here with her outrageous outfit.  I don’t even think I can comment on it.  But I will.  Only she could pull this look off.  On a positive note, everything fits her very nicely, and separately, I like the pieces.  And her hat is totally cute and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing them pop up all over the place!


Another cute hat, Brittany!  But with a not-cute 80’s inspired crocheted top and funny fitting pants (not shown here to protect your eyes).


Brittany tries to discuss her relationship with Santana, who feels betrayed by Brittany.  Sue doesn’t really care and fills their lockers with dirt which Brittany “didn’t even remember putting in there.”  Last week Brittany wore a shirt with a cat on it, this week it’s a horse.  It’s cute, but a little macho-man for me.  And Santana’s button down is meh.


Tina is still channeling Wednesday Addams.  Not only does she have the outfit down, but she’s got the look down perfectly as well!


WHAT.  Is.  Tina.  Wearing?  I can’t even begin…  But if I were to begin, I would say, AHHH!  My eyes!!  That extra-large collar, pattern, length… the list goes on and on.


This outfit is actually one of Lauren’s better ones.  The grey cardigan with mauve colored flowers is cute for her. 


I don’t understand why no one matches at McKinley High.  Is it the cool thing to do?  Or in Lauren’s case, is it just part of her I-don’t-care attitude? 


Paint splattered zip up hoodie — that’s so Jersey Shore circa summer of 2007 (trust me, I’ve seen it).  Needless to say, I’m over it.


This is pretty toned down for Mercedes.  She rocks (literally) this black and beige, large faced shirt and black cropped shrug with olive colored cargo capris.


Oh. Em. Gee.  Artie has a vest with a map of the world on it!  I didn’t think his vests could get any worse, and yet, each week they do! 


Sorry Artie, raising your hands up in the air and waving them around like you just don’t care is not going to make your outfit any better. 


Sam was not too pleased with Santana’s original song “Troutymouth,” so he pretty much pouted the whole episode (which didn’t help hide his lips).  This sweater is nice only because it shows off his arm muscles. 


I’d love for Puck to write a song for me, though I’d like for him to refrain from using the words “big” or “ass”.  But honestly, does anyone really care what Puck’s wearing?  He can pretty much wear and sing anything, and still look hot.  Even when he furrows his brow as such.


Mike looks perplexed.  Perhaps he’s wondering why he’s wearing a long, girly, striped cardigan?  I really like Mike, though.  He tries, so I’ll let it slide.


So…no sweater vests, but Schuester was loving the plaid shirts this week.  He tried to change up the style by adding a jacket or a nice tie, but underneath it all, he’s still a sweater-vest-loving addict.  Some things will never change, Will (wow, I sound like Sue!).


Speaking of Sue, we have her standard track suits here.  On the left we have her “telling lies” track suit, and on the right we have her “plant dirt in ex-Cheerios’ lockers” track suit.


Here she spices them up with a pop of the collar and a nice looking snarl. 


Dontcha-know that Kathy Griffin’s cameo was way over hyped?  She was dead on in her impression of Sarah Palin though.   But her outfit didn’t give me warm and fuzzy feelings.  Though given who she was impersonating, it makes perfect sense and we’ll just leave it at that.


Here’s a good look at all the different styles worn by the Glee kids.  Is Sam actually sleeping?!  Mercedes is vibrant, Mike is Mr. Rodgers, Tina is still Wednesday, Lauren actually looks nice, and Finn and Quinn look like your typical high school students.



Before I begin, I would just like to say how much it pains me to write this next statement.  OK, here it goes: 

I do not like the outfits the girls wore during Regionals. 

I want to, I really do, but they are completely ruined with the black capris and army boots.  I am totally head over heels in love with the dress, it fits everyone so well.  I love the color, the jeweled design, and obviously the big bow tied in back.  So why, why, WHY did they have to do what they did on the bottom?  They look like they’re going to a black-tie jazzercise class!  Terrible. 


Here’s a closer look at the boots.  They’re just so un-girly!  Ballet flats would have been so much better. 


I did think the boys looked very sharp.  I like the all black look. 


My winner for best accessory of the week goes to… The Microphone (and stand).  Yes, that’s right, the Microphone!  Look how pink and sparkly it is!  It.  Is.  Fabulous.  I need it, I want it, oh baby, oh baby.  So where can I get one?!