Here’s what you missed on Glee:  Well, it finally happened. New Directions broke out the original songs as they headed to Regionals. The original music wasn’t as cringeworthy as I feared, but was it amazing? I’ll let you join Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine to be the judge of that one. What really shone this week was Kurt.

And the winner of Regionals is…? I’m not saying. You’ll have to wait until Friday or watch it first.


Song of the Night: While Puck’s Big Ass Heart and Mercedes Hell to the No were all amazing, my vote goes to Kurt on Blackbird and the Candles Duet. This was Kurt’s night.

Brittany Bon Mots: A song that inspires her? My headband. What’s it about? Headbands.

How Sue Sees It: She met the drummer of My Chemical Romance at a drum circle during spring break in Daytona Beach and had a brief love affair. Well, actually, it was the drummer of Jimmy Eat World.

Number of Track Suits: 4

Melodramatic Rachel Solo of the Week: She poured all her tears into a giant Rachel solo and belted it out with the help of a pink bejeweled mic. Which the staff at YKYLF want for karaoke.

Best Outfit: Kurt in mourning was amazing, especially the bow, but Quinn’s opening outfit killed it.


Lauren will let you know what you missed in Glee fashion in her full recap on Friday.