Remember how well Mr. Schue’s 12-step program to stop wearing vests went? I think he needs to introduce Artie to the program to put an end to wearing sweater vests (it must exist.)


Make that a ’12-step program to stop wearing sweater vests and grandpa sweaters’. His sweater is a lovely shade of green, though.


A polo! Color me shocked.


Burt was in a denim button-up and mechanic’s overalls. Standard. I would love an episode where Kurt somehow manages to dress up Burt. That would be hilarious!


I almost thought we weren’t going to see Finn during this episode, save for that late (surprising? not surprising? I’m undecided) bedroom scene between him and Quinn. Turns out, he appeared twice before that, in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. The first, in a standard olive crew-neck T. The second, in a plaid and vest combo (the usual), and the blue version of the olive T in the last scene.

If Kurt and Finn share a closet, I can picture it perfectly. Four-fifths dedicated to Kurt and his fabulous outfits, a fifth left for Finn’s Ts, plaid, and vests. Actually, make that three-quarters to Kurt, a quarter to Finn… those puffer vests take up space.


Poor Carl. This is just terrible. The pastel blue. The ascot. I’m shuddering (and curious as to how Emma convinced him to wear this ensemble.)


And this is just boring.


It was the norm for Rachel, though there weren’t any preppy-toddler outfits this week. Just a ruffled denim shirt (eek), red cardigan (yawn), and blue top with bow print (love).


The tights are a bit too much, as always, but I love the polka-dotted skirt paired with the grey top. The ‘pearl’ polka dots are just adorable.


Oddly enough, only one appearance from Sue this episode. She must be too busy planning New Directions’ downfall. The gold tracksuit was fab, but usual for Sue. I do wonder if she’ll ever run out of tracksuits. Oh, and tracksuit outerwear as well. Sue’s beginning to lose her shockingly evil factor. Now she’s just boringly evil.