The Glee kids get a dose of sex ed from our favourite substitute teacher, Holly Holliday. Though her song (and Mr. Schue’s, for that matter), bordered on inappropriate, the New Direction did learn something important (babies do not come from storks). Holly’s method of teaching may have been successful, but I think the best advice is still… “don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die”. Name the movie and a YKYLF award goes to you!

Blaine (attempts) to teach Kurt about sexy, hilarity ensues. Santana and Brittany discuss their relationship in equally bad outfits, but with a beautiful song. Carl and Emma sing together, but the couple that sings together (apparently) doesn’t stay together. Artie wears sweater vests, while Will successfully rids himself of his own vest addiction – but may have found a new one in Holly. Meanwhile, Quinn and Finn hook up behind everyone else’s backs, Rachel wasn’t as annoying, and Puck and Lauren finally kiss. And that’s what you missed on Glee. 


Santana is Queen of Blazers and Jackets. Seriously. Her collection is unparalleled. I love the one she has on here, in an edgy blue and black zebra-esque pattern. And that faux leather backpack is tacky, but awesome at the same time. Santana’s style exactly.


Only Santana (Queen of Blazers and Jackets, remember?) could pull off a fuchsia leopard blazer with shoulder pads. Again, tacky but awesome – it seems to be a recurring theme on her!


This is Santana without any form of blazer/jacket. Aka, mediocre casual wear, which, Santana-style, involves a skintight tank and skirt combo (perhaps just a dress?). I do like the exposed gold zipper, though.


Love this jacket. Love the double sweaters.  Only she could pull this off so well. The cropped style and zippers…j’adore.


Some simple math. Santana – blazer = awful. I don’t even know what to make of this ensemble. The wide-leg jeans are bad enough (especially in that particular wash – I believe my mother owned a pair like that in her teens), but the chunky clogs and loose white top? This outfit is the opposite of Santana’s usual style. She did sing beautifully, though.


See, I’d normally hate the skintight black and pink dress (I still kind of do), but paired with a fantastic fringed leather jacket? YKYLF approved. I believe we’ve seen the leather jacket before.



This episode was full of Brittany Bon-Mots. From “the key is to use the curling iron in the bathtub to keep you from getting burnt” to “I’m not stupid, it’s obviously getting ready to bring me my baby”, Brittany had us in stitches for most of the episode. I do believe the wardrobe department was trying to make a point with her dress and cardigan here, both in a bird print. While it is print-overload, I love the colors and the addition of the belt.


This next one is definitely one of Brittany’s misses. I love the combination of her leather jacket and striped top, but paired with the floral leggings? Yikes. Then again, this girl did start the ‘armwarmers’ trend. Hand to heart, since that episode, I’ve seen at least five girls at my dance studio wearing armwarmers. Brittany really is a trendsetter. Just please don’t let floral leggings become a trend. The whole leggings-as-pants trend is bad enough. Leggings are not pants, kids!


Love the lacy butterfly top here.


The outfit Brittany wears to talk to Ms. Holliday is questionable, to say the least. The stripes and bright color could be a testament to this season’s trends, but the combination is a little too reminiscent of my outfits when I was four for my liking.


First, a comment on Brittany, Santana, and Holly’s performance of Landslide. Stunning. But even a gorgeous song couldn’t take away from Brittany’s awful outfit. The cropped denim vest is passable, but when paired with a dowdy floral dress, it’s just terrible.


A cat in a pirate’s hat! So bizarre it makes sense. Kind of like Brittany.


Brittany’s outfit for the celibacy club meeting brings back a version of armwarmers – fingerless gloves! Only she would wear outerwear indoors, but they do pair so nicely with her ruffled red-and-white striped top


Pretty standard fare for Holly this episode. Plain button-ups and almost too-short skirts. I do love her heels in the first picture, though.


To perform a wholly inappropriate song for the Glee club, while simultaneously teaching them about sex, Holly dons this fabulously distressed leather jacket. Love the zips, the detailing, and the studs!


It was difficult to get a good look at her tango outfit, but it looks more like a pair of dance shorts and a ruffled black top with tails. Sexy, for sure.


The simple black halter is subtly sexy – and I love that it’s gathered into a bow.


She goes the slightly dressy route with a black and white ensemble, paired with a studded cuff. Loved the draped grey shirt!


Only someone named Holly Holliday could pull off a jazzercise outfit like this. The metallic headband! Wide belt! Striped leotard! Shiny tights! It’s so horrible, it’s wonderful.


While his singing may make us melt, Puck’s sartorial choices are only beaten out by those of Finn. Boring white henley, boring black Athletics T, boring button-up and shirt combo…step it up, Puckerman!

Okay, I fully admit that the only reason Puck’s in the ‘Sexy’ section is because he could make a paper bag look sexy.


I take it back, if this is what stepping up is. Bring back the boring! Puck makes the pastel blue shirt and white pants combo slightly more bearable than Carl’s. But that ascot…even Puck can’t make that sexy.


The 12-step Vestaholics Anonymous program worked! Not a single vest for Will this episode.

Instead: button-ups.


Or button-ups with skinny ties and sweaters.


Or plaid (yeah, I know) and blah blazers. Or another button up and skinny tie.



Normal workout wear for Will (no jazzercise shiny tights here, thank goodness!). The fact that he was doing the butterfly stretch was amusing, though.

This was too adorable not to include! His expression!


For his tango-version of Kiss, Will wears a black button-up (shocker). But he skips the tie and looks appropriately sexy.