Only Glee can take a theme like “sexy” and make it all kinds of awkward. But that’s why we watch, right? Mr. Schue proves he knows how to be extremely inappropriate on school grounds, especially with the return of Holly Holliday as the sex ed substitute (and judging the Twitter feedback, I’m in the minority on being gleeful to see her return). The Gleeks are Brittany-level clueless about sex, but Emma Pillsbury may be as well, seeing as she and the hot dentist aren’t getting it on. And Santana unexpectedly opens up to Brittany.

Song of the Night: Afternoon Delight was all kinds of weird. Mainly the outfits. Emma Pillsbury may be losing the plot.

Brittany Bon Mots: so hard to choose just one this week! On sex ed: “I get all my information from Woody Woodpecker cartoons.” And on being confused over breakfast: “sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s salty. What if I want eggs for dinner?”

How Sue Sees It: “I like my enemas piping hot”

Number of Track Suits: 1

Best Outfit: It was completely inappropriate for a teacher singing to students, but I loved Gwyneth’s leather jacket.

Steph will fill you in on what you missed this week with a full recap on Friday. There were leggings as pants and I hope she’s harsh on them.