Episode Synopsis: Anyone else think Katherine and Elena could revive the “Sweet Valley High” series? While Damon does research, Stefan reaches out to The Martins, which can only end in disaster. Jenna and Caroline are having boy troubles, Bonnie is powerless, and Elena … well she’s always in peril so there is only one cure: Girls’ Night! Everything goes swimmingly after Caroline hijacks the band for an excruciatingly saccharine rendition of “Eternal Flame” – until Daddy Warlock busts up the party with some head melting tricks. Why? Damon might have killed Luka. Oops! We see our last glimpse of The Martins as the vampires dole out some justice via the ole switcheroo, and just when you think everything is finally settled down, who shows up? Yeah, Elena’s crazy mom, Isobel.


I love an episode that packs a punch and “The House Guest” definitely delivered. However, the real action was all about Katherine’s wardrobe this week. Out of the gate she is rocking this olive green pea coat that is more “Fashionable Mystic Falls Citizen” and less “Eternal Manipulative Killing Machine”. My only complaint? Where’s the colour? Girl, seriously, you spent how long in an dark, dank and desolate tomb in a black cocktail dress and upon your release you run for – olive green? I’m just sayin’, maybe you want to step up your game. Love the military inspired style by the way.


Just one more shot of the coat because I love it so much. Bonus: Katherine’s angry “You have to trust me!” face. I would trust her with two things, and they are: having great hair, and making Mystic Falls a little more sexy.



Caroliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeee…” – anyone else hear Outkast when they say her name? No? Just me? At any rate, Caroline always knows how to stand out from the crowd at school. She’s also working a military inspired coat like Katherine, but wearing that eye-popping pink top with the polka dot-ish pattern takes your focus off the losers in the background. You’re a star, Caroline! A STAR! You’re the Elle Woods of vampires and we love you for it. Matt’s canvas jacket is a nice change of pace as well. I realize that an outer covering like a jacket is de rigeur in Mystic Falls but this episode makes me feel like there is some sort of secret police enforcing this dress code. Do I smell a sub plot?



Case in point: yet another leather jacket from Stefan. Last week at the lake house he wore that amazing brown leather jacket that I would sell a kidney for. This week, Stefan is all subdued and stoic in this pale grey/green jacket. My boy’s got style, what else can I say? Other than the aforementioned selling of vital organs on the black market.


Elena and Stefan have a never say die attitude when it comes to surviving attacks by The Originals and wearing leather jackets.

Elena: “Stefan, I’m going to talk in a hushed tone about saving the people I love while simultaneously playing heroine and damsel in distress. Oh, and I’m doing it in this leather jacket.”

Stefan: “I am also going to wear one of my numerous leather jackets and be totally comforting while slyly suggesting that we shack up later.”



This cap is to help make distinguishing Katherine from Elena easier. Katherine equals cleavage. Done.



Who doesn’t want to trade places with Katherine right now. Am I right? While Damon is wearing his requisite black shirt with dark denim combination that only he could make fresh every week, I am kind of transfixed on his boots. They’re so tough. And nice. And leathery. And there’s a little buckle that says, “I take care of myself and could rip your heart out”. I like Damon.



Girls’ Night!!! Woo!!! Again we’re back to the jacket coven – sans Elena. I love that the ladies debated on whether to get pizza or Chinese food because the answer is always both. This shot is great because I think it helps capture each character’s style. Elena is practical, Caroline is cute and Bonnie is buried under more layers than necessary in the Gilberts’ well heated home. Witches are so mysterious. Every week I think, “Maybe I’ll see Bonnie’s whole outfit” only to be blocked by either poor lighting or the layers. Her saving grace this week was her facial expressions as seen here. Laugh with me.


Aunt Jenna never fails to rock my world and she looks like she’s ready to party tonight. Notice she is without a jacket. Not only is she oblivious to every supernatural event in Mystic Falls, Jenna has also escaped the need to don her outerwear inside the home. Bravo, Jenna! Nice bag, too. I know it’s probably filled with mundane items but I like to imagine that she always carries around a little bottle of whiskey.



“Aunt Jenna! We can’t stand in a club being smothered by the heat from the gyrating teenage bodies without wearing our jackets!”

“Well, if you say so…”



Don’t worry, Jenna, Senor Tequila will make it all better (for the next two hours or so). In addition to Damon, I also like Jenna.


Girls’ Night would not be complete without a sickeningly sweet public display of affection via song. Caroline decides on an obvious choice, “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles, to woo Matt and her grand gesture leads to them making out in the ladies’ bathroom. Who says romance is dead?

Want to know how you can tell that the band is from out of town? They’re males wearing colour. Though I have to say, red pants are never really a good idea. Kudos to the band.



I couldn’t talk about this episode without a final shout out to The Martin boys. You had a good run, provided some integral plot points and generally stirred up a whole mess of trouble. Again, I could have used more colour but whatever, y’all are dead to me now.


It’s the end of the night and I just can’t help but feel sympathy for Jenna. Her man is a potential murderer, Girls’ Night was ruined by an angry warlock and an arson attempt, her hair is mussed and everyone is keeping secrets from her. I’m not exactly sure how I can relate to all of those experiences but I have definitely ended a night or two face deep in some ice cream.



While the entire episode was riddled with action and fashion, it was the last two minutes of this episode that made me say quietly to myself, “Oh yeah!” and I would like to thank Katherine for that. Remember the cleavage distinction between her and Elena? Well, get an eyeful of this. The loose curls are making Katherine look incredibly sexy which is a nice change from the pin straight hair adorned with leaves and twigs from her days in the tomb. Damon, of course, is playing it cool but deep down you know he’s all flustered for this 500 year old vixen.


But THIS is where things really got crazy. Loco, if I may. Hell, even Four Loko crazy. While Jenna and Elena are catching up over the ice cream, who comes knocking on the door? None other than “I want to be a vampire, wait, never mind” Isobel. Will Jenna finally become privy to the supernatural hijinks Mystic Falls is subject to? Will Alaric get back together with Jenna? Do you think there might be a scene where Elena and Isobel discuss what exactly makes their hair so straight and lustrous? I can’t say for sure what will happen other than a swath of leather jackets being tossed our way.

Nice hoops, Isobel.