Let’s start with Mr. Schue, also known as the Man Who Inherited Mr. Rogers’ Wardrobe. Seriously he does own a lot of the same stuff.


But it’s okay though, because he branches out with different ties and patterned shirts now and then. Also his hair is always immaculate. Obvs.


Here’s the vest that Rachel later calls “cute” and “all kinds of awesome,” but I will take this opportunity to say that I think it looks kind of big on him. It’s boring and it looks kinda boxy. But I like the tie and the checked shirt. Yay, red!


Later, when Will is recovering from his wild outing with bestie, Bieste, he dons some seriously non-hetero shades and a darker palette of clothes. I dig the brown and blue, and he looks really good for being hungover, but those shades have GOT to GO. Let’s get you some Ray Bans, Will, mmkay?


So I wanted to give Mike Cheng a little love… but he hasn’t gotten over the Bieber/American Apparel product placement with his blue hoodie. However, the blue is great and I am a huge fan of those hoodies — they’re so friggin comfy!


Happy couple. Gag.


And later in the ep, Mike is exquisitely deadpan and totally fly in black and red and severely cool aviators. So fierce.


Our boy Artie continues to break out an extensive collection of interesting windbreakers… are those horses? Or is it weird duck-hunting camouflage? I vote horses in keeping with last week’s carousel theme.


Also a really fascinating Navajo print sweatervest…


But mostly I wanted to talk about this absolutely priceless moment at the party where Brittany becomes a stripper (was anyone surprised?) and suddenly Artie is wearing most of her clothes AND throwing dollar bills in the air.

Oh yes, friends. This is what alcohol does to you.


Puckerman is pretty standard in this episode, as is Finn… but I do really enjoy Puck’s jacket here. It’s standard Midwestern wear, but he looks good.


Now… let’s talk about Kurt and Blaine! Kurt’s reveal as he removes his dark winter coat at Rachel’s party literally made me gasp. It’s so Skingraft. It’s so McQueen. It’s so Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video. Also I’m pretty sure his black pants are fuzzy.


Meanwhile, Blaine keeps it relatively Gap — I mean… relatively relaxed… with a striped henley under a red sweater. His gray coat has nice detail on the lapels though. Later on, Kurt goes monochromatic in grays, but always with an interesting combo of textures and fabrics.


The sweater is long and a little chunky (in a good way) and the white Doc Martens add a touch of interest. Atta boy, Kurt!