McKinley High has a drinking problem (on top of the bullying/harassment, homophobia, sexism, etc) and Figgins thinks the best way to deal with it is to A) have an assembly and B) get the Glee club to perform. GREAT IDEA. Will and Bieste are besties and go out to the honky tonk bar to work off some stress, and then Will drunk dials Emma (or so he thinks). The Glee kids do some “research” by partying at Rachel’s place – Quinn is bruised after losing Sam to Santana, Finn isn’t sure where he stands except that Rachel still wants him, but then Rachel kisses Blaine during Ye Olde Spin The Bottle and feels a spark, which makes Kurt jealous… Needless to say it rekindled a great many memories of my not-so-distant days at certain theatre department parties in college… Aaaaaand that’s what you missed on GLEE!

Let’s start with the glorious Miss Emma Pillsbury (or Mrs. Karl whateverhislastnameis, Mrs. John Stamos, basically).

Colors: perfect. So great with her hair and complexion. And she is like, the cutest, no? This dress is TOTES from Anthropologie by the way… I will obsess because I totally want it. How does Emma afford full outfits from Anthro on a guidance counselor’s salary in THIS day and age!? The world may never know.

Later on she dons another delicious number from Anthro… also a silhouette she could totally rock at a Mad Men party. So springy, so adorbs!


I’ll mention Sue briefly because she also looks kind of springy in purple and pink… that is to say, that pink stripe is the color known as ‘honeysuckle’ which is alllll over the runway for S/S 2011, mmmmkay? Sue gets it. Sort of.


And a shout-out to Coach Bieste, who FINALLY appears wearing something other than a men’s polo by Ralph Lauren. I quote the Bieste directly: “You ain’t lived till you seen me wearin’ a COWBOY HAAAAT! Ba-dernk-a-dernk!”


Rachel shows some serious growth with a cute Scottie dog dress early in the episode, even if Finn looks kinda bland. Blah.


HOWEVER. The cute doggy dress is sniped down by the dress she chooses to wear while hosting the Glee Drink-A-Thon: a mint green, possibly vintage (I’m thinking 1970’s Gunne Sax Jessica McClintock prom piece?) nightgown-ish monstrosity that belongs in the Goodwill donation box, not at your first drinking event. Yikes. Just… yikes.


Later, things go from worse to WORSE when she drunk dials Blaine (#1: is that André in that glass? #2: are you in your pajamas!? #3: remember that Blaine is gay???) and sports an interesting… um… thermal?


After the party, however, during clean-up with Kurt, Rachel looks really pretty and kind of mature in a black turtleneck, slim plaid skirt and dark tights.

Quinn, like the fabulous Emma Pillsbury, also shops at Anthro and also has gorgeous hair. Other than that, they’re really nothing alike.


Granted, she’s got her drink on in this pic, so her hair’s a bit crazy, but the denim jacket is cute and the dress is faaaab. (Also, PLEASE note Puck wearing Lauren’s glasses. Boom.) I really REALLY wanna talk about Quinn’s ensemble in “Blame It On The Alcohol” (the song, not the whole episode, duh). Everyone seems to be sporting black sequins and shimmery stuff, which is great and everyone looks fly…


…but Miss Q made me stop and rewind. She looks AMAHZING. With a capitol MAH. The hat and ornate necklace/feather-collar paired with a little black dress are so vintage inspired and so Fosse that she instantly captured my attention.


Add some red lipstick, matching nail polish, and some wrist cuffs, and you’re in business. It’s so unusual and so fierce on her.


Here’s the aftermath, with the girls sporting their Hangover Couture. Santana looks like she’s ready for the beach. Tina looks…. well. You know. And Mercedes is surprising in pastel pink. She is exhibiting the classic “If I Wear Bright Colors, I Will Feel Better About My Life” syndrome. Good luck, girl.


Brittany’s Hangover Couture look is 100% bonkers… in the best possible way. She continues her hat obsession with a furry animal-inspired chapeau and mixes ankle booties with knee-high socks… what. Also a ruffled mini and a teensy-weensy sweater. She is INSANE.


Speaking of insane… Brittany. Does. Ke$ha (aka Key-dollar-sign-Ha). Commence celebratory dancing NOW!


The other girls are less garbage-y but still in the same spirit… the drunk spirit, that is.


Brittany basically rules this episode, though, as far as fashion goes. Her hair consistently looks amahzing, her outfits are unique and flattering, and she DOES A KE$HA SOLO. Boom. Instant win.


Great hair.


The hat and tie and bolero and… just… yeah.

At the end of the ep, everybody ends up wearing a lot of red for some reason… alcohol awareness week school spirit???