Holy action packed night! It’s Eric’s eighteenth birthday, and what better way to celebrate than spending the day smuggling drugs before his childhood themed party? The only way to top that would be to find a checkbook linked to a trust fund in the pile of gifts. Wait… that actually happened. A shockingly well dressed Serena and Ben assist in the story line, while Damien lurks in the background. In a play to keep Bass Industries intact, Lily and Chuck teamed up to pull one over on Russell Thorpe. Slaps, lies, and schemes follow. At Chuck’s request, Nate kept Raina busy being bathrobed and horrible all day. Even Rufus got in the action- I just love it when Lily lets him help. Meanwhile, over in Blair World, lack of both sleep and Chuck led Blair to do crazy things (like hang out with Dan and wear two different shoes). Oh, and Vanessa returned to skulk around town while dressed like a bag lady… pretty much her usual jam.


Oh Blair, you make Gossip Girl fun. I’d pick you over Raina any day.

Blair is usually pushy, but lack of sleep turned her in to a real psycho. She kicked off her day being a snot both at home and work. I don’t think her two-year plan involves getting a personality transplant, so hopefully her employees aren’t litigious.


Without rest or assistance poor B has to be fabulous on her own. Sadly this outfit is not going to help the cause.

You know that phrase, “never too much of a good thing?” I think it only applies to things like cake and diamonds. I LOVE everything that B is wearing, just not as an ensemble. I adore the edgy metallic floral Alice + Olivia blazer as well as the sweet and shiny tweed Milly dress. But add in the patterned tights and I get lost. It just seems like a glittery expensive hot mess.

Is she downtown and trendy? Or is she a wealthy wholesome co-ed? Maybe this is the costume department’s way of visually exemplifying her internal struggle? Or maybe I have been reading too many fashion theory books. Regardless, the color and proportion seem a bit disjointed.

Pick a theme, chickadee. In this case mixing sugar and spice didn’t turn out nice.


In other news, I am riveted by the Minions this week. Captivated! They appear to be caught between Coco Chanel and Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls.

The colorful tweed, chunky costume jewelry, and vintage Minion headbands scream classic Twenties glamour. I particularly love New Minion’s looks. Although Blair can’t remember her name, I can’t seem to get her out of my head. That gold sequined number she wore to Eric’s party was just marvelous.

All is not sunny on the Upper East Side. Penelope appears to be impersonating Barbara Bush. The high collar bow neck blouse and the boxy tweed jacket are doing nothing for her (no wonder she has an attitude problem). But these blue flower earrings take the cake. I actually think Mrs. Bush has these earrings and wore them during her husband’s Presidency in the early Nineties.

And then there is the blonde Minion, who left Skipper and Ken back at the dream house so she could Skype with Blair. She is just so PINK.


The jury is still out on Blain/Dair. I enjoy their witty banter, but I just don’t see how this can work. Frankly he’s got too much chest hair to be rolling around in B’s 750 thread count sheets. Dorota is going to have to clean the bed with a dust buster each morning if this relationship gets physical.

The good news is that this friendship is having a very positive effect on Danny Boy. He is going to Midtown to pick up fancy coffee and seems to have ditched the plaid flannel all together. He even wore a double-breasted grey wool topcoat when he visited W.


I have died and gone to heaven. This outfit is gorgeous and classic Blair. The cream and black Milly floral blouse is girly yet flirty. This metallic brocade Bensoni skirt is a perfect proportion and length for B. Yes please!

I almost even love the mismatched Roger Vivier shoes. They would be a win without the Thanksgiving sized Pilgrim buckles. But I guess this is appropriate footwear for Blair’s trip to Brooklyn. After all, she is discovering a New World.


I pray the sofa has been cleaned recently. I am having flashbacks of seasons past with the likes of Georgina, Vanessa, and Gothic Jenny curled up in that exact spot. Freaky Friday indeed.


Speaking of Vanessa, it came back. I say “it” because she really just looked like a big crocheted train wreck. Think Babushka meets Navajo Indian meets Granny’s blanket. Sprinkle in some oversized jewelry and a hint of desperation and you pretty much sum up the look. I’ve seen panhandlers who are more put together.

Fortunately, she crept back into the darkness. Fingers crossed that she stays there.