McKinley High has a teenage drinking problem and Figgins wants Glee to solve it. Rachel needs to live in order to write soulful songs, so teenage drinking is the answer. Some people hated this episode, but I quite liked it for a change. Even if it did get a little After School Special on us. The Brittany solo makes up for everything.

Song of the Night: I have to pick just one? It’ll be a tie between “Blame it on the alcohol” and the Rachel/Blaine duet of Human League’s “Don’t you Want Me

Brittany Bon Mots: “Ke$ha’s been a cultural icon for weeks and I want to do her music justice”

Melodramatic Rachel Solo of the Week: actually, no melodrama. Just an awesome ode to her hairbands.

How Sue Sees It: Will should preemptively check into a rehab as he’s a future alcoholic.

Best Outfit: Rachel and her adorable scotty dog dress (completely negated by her party dress).

Number of Track Suits: 3

Alyson will have a full recap for you on Friday. Rachel’s party dress alone should make this a fun one.