Episode Synopsis: It turns out you can kill an Original. But you may as well be civilized about it and invite him over for a dinner party first. Bonnie’s tricks fall flat with the other witches in town, so they take her powers away. And Elena and Stefan, still hanging out at the lake house, fight over who gets to be more right. With a bonus appearance by the old timey Stefan (who is more sexy) and Damon (who was infinitely less sexy over a hundred years ago). As always, Sark, I mean, Uncle/Daddy John, is up to no good…we’re just not sure what that no good is yet.


What do you wear when you take a seemingly unkillable and rather dapper vampire out on tour of your town? Why an adorable short trench coat, that’s what.


Of course, this is Jenna we’re talking about. She’s possibly the only person in all of Mystic Falls who has no idea that anything weird is going on.  I’m not kidding. She doesn’t seem to think it’s odd that so many drifters come through town and then disappear. Or that her boyfriend’s ring matches that of her niece’s boyfriend and his brother. Or that her niece’s best friend just got one of those rings as well. It isn’t odd to her that if she doesn’t say, “please, come inside”, new friends just keep standing on the porch. Hell, she isn’t really that suspicious about the coincidence that her brother-in-law had a kid with her boyfriend’s wife and that kid is now her niece. Or that her brother-in-law had a ring to match everyone elses.

Jenna, it’s a good thing you’re cute, because I’m starting to think you’re not the shiniest coin in the fountain.  Also helps that you have cute tote bags to go with your cute trench.

You’ve got an LL Bean/J Crew chic that I dig. And your boyfriend seems to be working the same look as well.


Jenna’s inablity to spot odd goings-on really shines when it comes to her supposed friend Andie the Journalist.  Maybe you don’t notice that every man in your life has the same ring, but you sure as hell notice when your friend starts wearing scarves. Every. Single. Day.


Oh sure, the scarves are cute. And while I don’t expect her to jump to the conclusion that she’s hiding vampire bites, she should question the new look. Or at least tease her friend about getting hickeys. (what? You’re supposed to stop doing that when you’re a grown up?).



Actually, the hickey theory would be a normal thing to guess at. I mean, look at your friend’s boyfriend! He’s constantly rocking the bad boy leather jacket (although, that’s not really a stretch for the town of Mystic Falls) and he wears well-fitting tees like no other dude in town.


I mean, come on ladies. If your friend was dating that guy and she started wearing scarves, you’d think the same thing too. You’d be wrong, but you’d think it. 

Like I said, at least Jenna’s cute.

Otherwise she might have figured out about the deadly vampire doppleganger trapped in a local cave.

Katherine must be so stoked that Damon brought her some new threads. She’s been in the same cocktail dress for weeks.


Hopefully Damon didn’t borrow from Andie’s closet. The vest and teeny white top are the classiest affair going. Even with the coordinating scarf. (Seriously, if I were Jenna, I would have said “enough with the scarves already!”)

Not that Jenna was dressing any better. Her purple top could have been cute, except the sheer bits gave her an unfortunate figure skater look. And while I love me some figure skating, I never want anyone to think that Nancy Kerrigan is my fashion hero. (I would accept Johnny Weir as a fashion hero. A bold choice, but I’d accept that).


As for the fellows at our dinner party, well, lots of shirts with one button undone and in various shades of grey and black. If Damon’s shirt didn’t fit him so well, I’d complain.


I will complain a little bit about Ric’s jacket. What? No leather? This isn’t the jacket you wear to a dinner party…even if you were reluctant to attend. Find a dinner jacket of some kind.


Just look at your pal, the unkillable and probably really evil vampire! He wore a jacket to dinner and it totally dressed up his shirt. He also wore some colour.  Fellas of Mystic Falls: I promise you, colour won’t hurt you.


Or, you know, you can just keep on keeping on with your leather jackets.

I do admire Uncle Sark’s John’s gentlemanlyness. Even when he shows up to make trouble, he brings a bottle of vino.


I know we’re a fashion blog, but I need to take a moment to address the interior design issues I’m having. What is up with chez Salvatore?

I get that they’re vampires, but why so many candleabras and heavy fabrics?  They need someone to come lighten that place up a little and make it bit more bachelor pad like. Some lighter curtains. Maybe an Eames chair or two. It wouldn’t hurt. /non-sequiter


Back to the fashion. Alaric, you’re a fool to give up your giant magical cocktail ring. That sucker is huge.


Besides, Uncle Sark John is missing his ring finger. What the hell is he supposed to do with a ring? It’s a wee bit insensitive of you to give him an accessory he can’t wear.


The boldest fashion statement of the night might go to Katherine, who, after weeks in a cave, goes with her birthday suit and impeccable eye makeup.

Damon and his leather jacket may be in for some trouble.