The boys of McKinley High leave a lot to be desired when it comes to fashion. They could learn a thing or two from Mr. Schue and his immense collection of vests and ties. He at least has a sense of personal style that’s something other than “drab”.

Mike Chang’s sweater is kind of cool, but Artie constantly dresses like my grandfather, and Puck rarely wears anything that’s not a neutral tone. Live a little, boys!


Since Sam was channelling Justin Bieber this week, the guys all ended up looking like the teen pop sensation. The appeal of this was lost on me, but I’m guessing Glee’s younger demographic was thrilled. First came the hair.

Why? Why has this become a popular look? Puck was right, that hair does make Sam’s mouth look even bigger. Covering up his forehead increases his mouth to face ratio.


Here Sam is, performing a song as his new one-man band, The Justin Bieber Experience.

Does Justin Bieber own a lot of unisex American Apparel hoodies? He must, because Artie, Mike and Puck all soon followed suit.

Yeah, Puck’s in a wig. Good thing the girls brought it this week, because the boys certainly didn’t.