Emma’s back, and she convinced Will to let Sue join the glee club to help draw her out of her depression over losing nationals. Meanwhile, Sam channelled Justin Bieber to try and win back Quinn, and the other guys (except for Finn, who’s still being a jerk) followed suit to try and impress their girls. And Rachel paid Brittany to try and make her sense of style popular, which meant lots and lots of pony sweaters. (And that’s what you missed on Glee.)

Did the writers know I’d be recapping Glee this week? They must have, because the return of Emma Pillsbury could not have been more perfectly timed. First she showed up in this amazing outfit.

I absolutely love that black and white print dress, and the turquoise cardigan and coral belt really liven it up. I only wish I’d been able to get a better look at her shoes, since I’m sure they were fabulous. Will isn’t looking so bad himself, even though Santana’s right – he needs a twelve step program to kick his addiction to vests.


Emma grabbed Will to go rescue Sue from committing Sue-icide with gummy vitamins, but first she put on this gorgeous coat. Is Emma the modern Mary Tyler Moore, or what? She has some of the best outerwear on television.


Later, Emma convinced Will to let Sue join New Directions while wearing this adorable coral outfit.  Because you can’t say no to a woman in that outfit.


Latex gloves are a great accessory, right? You’d think the brooch on top of the embroidered flowers would be too much, but Emma makes it work. Meanwhile, Will really rocked the ties this week. I can’t decide how I feel about this look – is that a denim shirt?


Either way, I don’t think it really works with those jeans. Maybe if they were a darker wash. I much prefer this look.


I love the plaid tie, and the sweater is a great alternative to one of his usual vests. How is Emma resisting this? Sure, Uncle Jesse is pretty and all, but Will and Emma are a match made in preppy wardrobe heaven!

Of course, you can’t talk about the faculty of McKinley High without talking about Sue Sylvester. She was all over this episode, which means we saw a lot of track suits.

For committing Sue-icide by Vitamin A? A sombre navy blue and yellow number.


Rampaging the school in a fit of rage? Go for something cheerful, like light blue and pink.


Plotting to take down the glee club in your diary? That calls for a classic blue and white look.


Of course, the very best look was the plaid tracksuit Sue wore to perform with New Directions. After all, she had to match the lumberjack look everyone else was going for. Showing up in anything else would have just been embarrassing.