So. Much. Bieber. I think I’m too old to get the appeal, but the Gleek girls swooned for the Bieber Experience. The demise of Sue and the Cheerios is making way for a whole new kind of rivalry at McKinley High. A not entirely plausible one, but I like it just the same.

Song of the Night: I may never get the Biebs out of my head, but the real winner for me was the Broadway number. This show needs more show tunes.

Brittany Bon Mots: What’s an anthem? The bottom of an ant’s pants.

How Sue Sees It: I’ve got to get that girl on the Cheerios (referring to Sam’s Bieber Experience). A close second goes to “pocket lesbian hair”.

Best Outfit: Brittany does it again! This week with furry hats and adorable pony sweaters.

Number of Sue track suits: at least 4 and one of them was plaid.

 It’s Jill’s first week recapping and she’s going to love the hats.