Episode Synopsis: What don’t these trailer park wolves understand about the words “leave town NOW”?! Elena and Stefan peace out for a ‘romantic’ weekend at the family lake house, conveniently disregarding all prior drama with Daddy John, Caroline’s kidnapping from last week, and Elijah’s looming presence. Bonnie, Caroline, and Jeremy form the Scooby Gang (Buffy reference anyone? anyone?) to get answers out of Luka regarding Elijah’s plans. Damon gets bloody and makes crazy eyes (big surprise there). Hero of the episode? Tyler. Villain? I’m personally really tired of Jules’ perfect hair, patronizing tone of voice, and hoodie-with-leather-jacket combo. But maybe that’s just me.


The episode starts with Elena falling out of bed after the sleepover with Bonnie and Caroline and crawling out the door to answer a phone call from Stefan… poised like a pin-up girl and sporting some cute boxer shorts in her characteristic deep red color. Adorbs.


Later we get to see some KICKING boots from Elena, pictured here in carnal embrace with Stefan’s boring red zip up hoodie and nondescript pants. Boom! Talk about legs! She wears these fabulous over-the-knee babies most of the episode and looks amahzing in them.


As you can see, Elena is going with a very dark theme this episode. A black henley with button detail on the sleeves and a peek of white lace underneath. When she gets to the lake house and begins to revisit the memories of her parents, it’s really like she’s in mourning. I guess it’s appropriate. Her hair looks amahzing, as usual!


Ooh, speaking of amahzing… Bonnie’s hair is gorgeous this episode! So smooth but with an unconventional angle to her bangs. It really suits her face well.


Ooo-hooo, witchy woman! So pretty.


Bonnie is also sporting some dark threads this week — although she opts for a dark grey drapey cardigan and a dark plum colored top underneath. Wish we could see it better, but the Grill is so darn dimly lit…


Not much new from the lovely Caroline other than fabulous lashes, unreasonably bouncy blonde curls, and a cute purse! Although it’s my humble opinion that she should be wearing a bag with a strap that length as a crossbody bag instead of a shoulder bag… Still. Caroline also seems to be oddly in mourning: all black as far as the eye can see. What’s interesting is that she has no necklace to offset the low neckline of her top; it makes her look young and vulnerable, possibly to show how shaken she was from the whole torture scene of last week.


Damon’s one night stand, the reporter-lady-whose-name-I-forget, also has unreasonably gorgeous hair when she rolls outta bed the next morning. What, did she have a curling iron in her purse when she came over? Let’s remember that she definitely took a bubble bath with Damon the night before (talk about lucky!) and then got bitten and ravaged a bit… for that kind of a one night stand, she looks pretty freakin’ great! Except for that really large, obvious gauze pad on her neck. What? Oh, sure, Damon, just tie on that expensive silk scarf. Nobody will suspect her of having a hickey or a bite or what-have-you. Especially not since she’s making a walk of shame from your place.


Aaaaand here she is, ladies and gents, Jules. She and those wolves have been making everybody’s life a living hell all because their “buddy Mason” is dead, and she refuses to change into something that isn’t a hoodie-and-leather-jacket-rolled-into-one. …Okay, so I don’t have proof that it’s a one-piece deal, but those DO exist. So there.