The boys? Not impressive. To be honest, it wasn’t a very shocking episode overall as far as wardrobe goes. But fair’s fair.


Okay, so at the town tea party, Elijah is scoping everybody out with a regular suit on and the same mid-to-late-1990’s haircut he showed up in. (I disagree with Alaric’s later statement about “great hair.”)


Speaking of Alaric, he continues to dress like a would-be mountain man, scruff included, but I just had to include this picture of how disastrously upset he looks to be sipping tea out of the Royal Dalton ‘Old Country Roses’ Fine China Collection at a society event. (Look, my mom has that tea set. It’s gorgeous. But Alaric’s face is priceless.)


Luka, when cornered by Bonnie at the Grill, looks about as fashionable as any of the other dudes on the show, with what looks like it SHOULD be a leather jacket, but is actually just a canvas jacket of some kind and a graphic tee underneath. Again, not much color.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I mean lake house… Elena and Stefan play dress up in Mom and Dad’s closet, and Stefan dons a vintage flannel coat from Elena’s grampa. It’s red and plaid. But he does look pretty great.


At least the jacket has some texture, some life to it. Better than his bland red zip-up hoodie from earlier. Blah.


Blah. Maybe he was getting into the deep reds to show his lurve for Elena, who also enjoys dark rouge and crimson?


I don’t have much to say about the wolf pack, but this needs to be said. This wolf guy (whose name escapes me!) gives everybody attitude the whole episode, and then later jumps on Damon from the ceiling and stabs him in the neck with a syringe… but he spends the entire show wearing a gray brimmed beanie cap. What? Did he have a skater boy phase before going lycan? So random.


Aaaaaand here he is, the man of the hour: Tyler. The whole episode is centered on him making choices between his new wolfy family and his childhood friends. Moral decisions! Life altering questions! All choices made while wearing a leather jacket. Hooray! But he looks fabulous, no? And the white shirt underneath gives him a kind of good-versus-evil-internal-struggle look. Also, he’s matching Elena, who ends up being the friend he chooses to help save. Aww.