If it isn’t Valentine’s Day without unrequited love, it’s not even February without the single people.  Even lost and bereft without Emma, Mr. Schuester cuts a dapper figure in his faculty attire whilst dabbling in an olive palette.  I hope he ignores Santana and keeps all his vests. 


Blue is the color of the day for Mr. Schue.  It’s a bit of a yawn unless that’s a denim shirt underneath his navy cardigan, in which case, we have a bit of a problem. 


And we’re back with the olive.  Is green his version of polka dots maybe? 


If anyone is single and not ready to mingle, it’s Mercedes, who’s decided to bid romance adieu and focus on her singing.  I do love that she gets into the spirit of things – the kitschy necklaces are a hoot!  I like the lacey burnout top and, if that’s a military-style jacket I spy, two thumbs up. 


Love, love, love her throwback to the 80s outfit – the outrageous sneakers, the pink Members Only-esque jacket, and the electric blue pants?  Done, done, and done.  Who else but Mercedes can rock electric blue pants? 


Big lips bracelet = big win in my book. 


Speaking of big lips, Santana, hands down, stole the show in this episode.  But I still just don’t understand what would compel someone to wear a romper in the middle of winter in Ohio, much less a denim one. 


Or an army one. 


Santana channels her inner Blair Waldorf with her collection of headbands and penchant for revenge.  The cut of the jacket is great, especially that raised collar, but the pattern is a bit reminiscent of an ice skating costume.  If only Lauren hadn’t tossed her around so much, maybe we could’ve gotten a better look at this outfit.


As for Candy Striper Santana? Cleavage, check.  Mini skirt, check.  Platforms, check.  All in a day for Santana.  I can’t decide what’s better: that she wore this to school on her mission to contract mono or that she actually owns this.  Maybe she just missed wearing those teeny tiny Cheerios skirts. 


This, I think, is Santana’s best look of the episode.  That pink headband with the bow is so cute and adds a feminine twist to her leather jacket/mini-dress outfit—it’s edgy, yet girly…just like her.