What would Valentine’s Day be without a good dose of unrequited love?  Such is the dilemma that plagues many of our Gleeks.  Teen angst was rampant at Dalton Academy when Kurt interpreted Blaine’s friendship as something more—and rightfully so when “friendship” is shorthand for spending lots of time together, singing suggestive duets and enough coffee dates to know his regular order.  Because Kurt and Blaine are constantly strapped into the blindingly red and blue Dalton Academy uniform, their fashion flare is expressed through the wonderful world of perfectly tailored outerwear. 

With his camel toggle coat and matching oversized cableknit scarf and gloves, Kurt makes winter seem so cozy.  Blaine sticks to a classic black peacoat and maroon scarf (apparently, you can’t pry him away from the blue and red) with a  great leather messenger bag. 


Kurt switches it up with a black coat to match Blaine’s.  I’m not thrilled with Blaine’s hat—it’s too grungy for a head that’s always perfectly coiffed. 


Their scarf collection is great!  Kurt is always so well put together.


Was anyone else surprised by Jeremiah?  I always thought Blaine’s taste would run more towards the Banana Republic variety. 


But good thing Kurt has his besties to help him nurse his broken heart with an old-fashioned slumber party!  Gotta love their matching pajamas and I adore Kurt’s slippers! 


We all know Rachel’s determined to win Finn back and what better way to do so than by flashing a little leg?  I love this look and love even more that she’s not wearing weird tights.  It’s nice to see that she doesn’t dress like an overgrown schoolgirl anymore and graduated from argyle knee socks and plaid skirts to subtle patterns and outfits with less than 5 colors.


This polka dotted sheer dress is really pretty and much more seasonal.  The colored polka dots remind me of confetti!  And this time, I actually like the maroon tights she pairs with the dress. The black penny loafers, however, have got to go.



I really liked this dress and thought the bows down the front were super sweet but it looks like she decided to pay homage to that overgrown schoolgirl look of days past with the white tights and orange flats.  White tights?  Really?  Unless you’re under the age of 6 or a ballerina…just say no. 


Who else but Rachel Berry gets a costume change during a solo?  This pink frock holds promise and I wish they had showed more of it!


Despite her impaired judgment regarding hosiery, she sure knows how to pick a good coat (that must be the real foundation of Kurt and Rachel’s friendship: chic outerwear).  I love the pleats on the cuffs—it reminds me a bit of Jackie O. 


While Rachel pines over Finn in that gorgeous piece of winter wear, Finn’s living up his football glory days in his WMHS varsity jacket and jersey:


When he’s taking a break from thinking he’s Aaron Rodgers or hosting a kissing booth, Finn’s style consists of your typical teenage fare: 


But just to change it up a bit, he started a midwestern chapter of Dan Humphrey’s Flannel Club with Puck and Sam:


As the group’s badass, Puck’s gotta represent.  Note the bomber-ish jacket and mohawk.  That sappy look on his face just proves that even bad boys have feelings and even more so if they’re for fellow bad girls.  And Lauren Zizes is nothing if not badass.


I don’t care what Puck wears when he’s playing the guitar and jamming out. Frankly, it’s the last thing I notice.  Strum away, Puck, strum away.



Lauren, however, didn’t appreciate the strumming but to be fair, I wouldn’t be very pleased if someone was serenading me with Fat Bottomed Girls.  But, I also wouldn’t take off my glasses and smile coyly at him during the song.  I did think she was cute without the glasses, but the rest of her outfit left me less than impressed:


I personally find this combination of patters and colors a wee bit of a train wreck.  I do like her hat, though, and kudos to anyone who can pull off a good piece of millinery. 


Here we go again with the polka dots.  This episode might have overdone it with this pattern, but I do like the oversized mod dots.  The red print dress, on the other hand, we can do without. 


Truth be told, I posted this picture more for what’s going on rather than for what Lauren’s wearing.  She’s got her usual mélange of prints and her standard skirt/leggings/Converse affair going on there, so nothing too exciting, but I just loved how she tossed Santana around the hallway like a rag doll.  And Puck’s face in the background?  Priceless. 


I’m not really one to wear long sleeved shirts under a shirt.  I’m more of a cardigan kind of gal so I wasn’t super keen on this combo.  I do like when patterns are broken up and think the “Bonjour” is a nice, subtle nod to Valentine’s Day.  She delivers one of my favorite lines of the night to Puck: “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”