Roses are red, violets are blue, love is in the air, and mono is too. Puck discovers that he likes ‘em real thick and juicy and sets out to win Lauren’s affections with a killer rendition of “Fat Bottomed Girls.”  Finn decides that he’s the Tom Brady of WMHS and his ego grows in tandem with his renewed feelings for Quinn—because what’s Tom without Gisele?  They see fireworks when they kiss at his Kiss the Quarterback booth and she cheats on Sam with Finn.  Santana figures it out and channels Athena instead of Cupid by contracting mono to give to Finn, who she knows will pass it onto Quinn.  Kurt thinks Blaine fancies him but is crushed when he finds out it’s someone else.  Cue heartbreak, enter BFFs Rachel and Mercedes for a super cute old-fashioned slumber party complete with boy talk and hair braiding.  Mercedes and Kurt agree to kick love to the curb and focus on their singing and after Rachel learns that Finn still loves Quinn, she does, too. 

In the end, Puck and Lauren decide to be besties, the Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle morphs to the Sam/Quinn/Finn triangle, Kurt and Blaine stick to their bromance and Tina loses her mind when she sings “My Funny Valentine” to Mike.  But, despite all the dramz, let’s remember what’s really important here—no more Cheerios uniforms! 


Now that Brittany, Santana, and Quinn don’t have to wear their Cheerios uniforms anymore I, like everyone else, wondered what else was lurking in their closets.  I was expecting their styles to match their personalities and Brittany didn’t disappoint.

I love how Brittany and Artie’s wardrobes reflect their opposite personalities.  Her fox/wolf/possum scarf is so cute and silly and Artie’s grandpa chic button-up and sweater probably have “sane and steadfast” sewn onto the labels. 


And in their attempts to join in the Valentine’s Day spirit, Artie livens things up with… a red pullover and khakis?  Maybe he wanted to take Brittany to a nice dinner but forgot to tell her. Everything from the waist up is great—I always like black and white with a big pop of color and anyone who can pull off a good piece of headwear gets points in my book—but I’m at a loss with the boots.  However, I am a sucker for holiday-themed socks and love hers…just…not with those boots.  


Brittany jammed out to Fat Bottomed Girls in this Halloween-esque ensemble.  Isn’t she cold?  It’s February in Ohio and pants are infinitely preferable to the Wicked Witch of the West socks and Pocohontas mocassins. 


She is totally spot on with the stripes and suspenders!  I love that pop of color with the heart and how she mixed stripes with her polka dot bracelet.  And while she may be clueless about a lot of things, she is a genius with her hair—gorgeous!  And dear, dear Tina, that’s how you wear black and white.  Please take off the doillies from your dress and put them back in the linen closet. 


There’s Grandpa Artie and Mike dancing away.  I love his green sneakers! 


There isn’t a whole lot to Mike’s style—he’s a high school jock.  As long as it’s clean and he bust a groove whenever he wants, he’s good to go (and check out the purple sneakers!):


I don’t know if he’s starting to lure Tina to the wonderful world of color, but it’s kind of fun that the blue streak in her hair matches his shirt.  Otherwise, it’s just your everyday goth gear for Tina.


Or should I say Wednesday Adams?


Ah, here we have our Barbie and Ken of Glee Club.  I love the tie-dye stripey-ness of the skirt, the bright yellow ribbon belt and her navy cardigan—I can’t resist sweaters and jackets with strong statement collars.  And while Sam’s sweater and jeans combo are kind of blah, I like how the colors compliment Quinn’s outfit.


I was expecting to see Quinn splash out in cute All-American outfits a la Emma-Pilsbury-In-Training, but instead saw her in some wonky get-ups.  The black and white polka dot dress with the red cardigan are a classic pairing and look great on her, but what’s with the newsboy boots and black tube socks?  That can’t be the only footwear she has aside from her cheerleader shoes.


There wasn’t a really good shot of the front of her dress, but here’s the back!  Girl loves her polka dots, doesn’t she?  If only she would learn to love hosiery as much.


At first glance, I thought Quinn had pulled out another cute dress/sweater combo.  Upon further inspection, her dress sort of looks like a nightgown and the belt looks a little awkward sitting right below the seam of the dress.  The oversized cardigan might not have been her best idea, but she must be freezing wearing that dress during winter in the Midwest.  Seriously, where exactly does she think she is? 


Maybe it’s the colors or the sickly pallor of her mono-tinged face, but the first thought that came to mind when I saw this was Little Orphan Annie—sans red hair, of course.