This is going to sound weird, but I know a zombie. Well, I know someone who likes to get into zombie costume and makeup. And from what I know, zombie makeup is not done between end of play and halftime. Maybe some fake blood, but this? Oh, I don’t know about that.  Whatever. Let’s pretend it’s possible.

And let’s pretend that in addition to expertly applying zombie makeup, the entire football team can secretly sing and dance choreographed routines.


But let’s be honest, the real problem is the red Chuck Taylors. That is so last season. And by last season, I mean the Journey number. Been there, done that, didn’t win the regionals. 

However, zombie cheerleaders? Adorable!


The girls actually look cute as zombies. Rachel’s zombiewear is a bit on the frumpy side, but the other girls have a cute retro prom dress vibe. The blood makes it a bit of a Carrie-esque prom, but whatever. 

The only thing is Tina…she’s, well, she looks like Tina with backcombing.

 Except…that may be the most colour I’ve ever seen her wear. Tina totally looks better as a zombie. Maybe she could ditch the goth look for everyday zombie chic. 


Zombie Santana on the other hand…Amy Winehouse anyone? 

Not kidding, she looks like Amy Winehouse on your average Tuesday. (Wait…maybe Amy Winehouse is a zombie!). Because Rachel is also giving off a bit of an Amy Winehouse vibe. 

Consider yourself warned: if you ever meet Amy Winehouse, DON’T let her bite you.