The leaders of McKinley High love the uniform even more than the students do…even if they don’t have to wear them, they do.

Let’s start with Coach Beiste and her uniforms of manly polo shirts. 

Actually, I want to know who the water boy is? Can he sing? His scarf to match his uniform jacket is adorable.  I feel like his love for the scarf would make him a good match for Kurt.


But Beiste does love the polo shirt. A lot. 

That’s probably a championship ring, but I’m seeing cute cocktail ring. Anyone else? 


Beiste and Mr. Schue spent a lot of time showing off their uniforms during this episode. Beiste with her polo shirts and Mr. Schue with his Mr. Roger’s Friendly Neighborhood inspired uniform. 

   But here’s the thing: I don’t care if you are the butchy coach of a football team, the Bermuda shorts in winter are not okay. 


I wonder if he puts on his keds when he gets to work and puts on his cardigan?



He does make one bold bold fashion change to his uniform:

Woah! No sweater? No jacket? Adding a whistle as an accessory? I’m not sure I can handle that Mr. Schue. Thank heavens he broke out a sweater vest.

  And another sweater jacket. 

I do dig the tie though. 

And a sweater vest/jacket combo? It’s like every part of his uniform rolled into one!


Because I’m not sure I can handle bold sartorial moves from a man who shops at the House of Mr. Rogers. Nice peacoat/scarf combo. Golf claps on that one, but it’s still very much a part of his casual preppy teacher look. 



The queen of uniforms at McKinley High is easily Sue Sylvester. While nothing tops her formal track suit (worn with pearls), she has a collection like no other.  

For yelling at crybaby Cheerios in practice:


For writing deep thoughts in her journal: 


For a tattoo:



Tracksuit outerwear!


For temper tantrums and tearing the school apart:


For ninja poops and judging Cheerios:


For threatening Schuster:


And for interviews about losing with Diane Sawyer Katie Couric:

And seriously, championship rings as cocktail rings? Let’s make this happen. Where can I get one without actually winning a championship?