It’s Cheerios versus Football! Football versus Glee!  Sue’s boredom leads to her Sueclear weapon: a cannon that she can fire Brittany out of. Meanwhile, the football players are fighting each other over Glee. What better way to bring a team together than by making them sing and dance with the kids they bully. Awesome idea.  But apparently zombies and song can melt even the toughest bully’s heart…even if it’s just for a little bit.  Sue doesn’t like cooperation and she definitely doesn’t like not being able to use a human cannon, so she pits the Cheerios against Glee and the championship football game.  Who wins? Who loses? And just how many tracksuits does Sue own? And how is it that a fictional high school has a better half time show than the actual Superbowl?


This is my first time delving into the fashion world of Glee. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. Gossip Girl is easy…it’s all fashion, all the time!  And as I watched the Sue Sylvester Superbowl Shuffle I thought: how can I recap this? It’s all uniforms!

(Oh hey…I didn’t know the Cheerios actually cheered for a team anymore).

But that’s just it. It’s all uniforms. Even on the non-Cheerios and non-football players. For example, Artie. His uniform is the ugliest sweater or sweater vest you can find and add a stiff white shirt:


I would probably throw a slushie at that sweater.  As a matter of fact, I think a slushie helped his outfilt.


Unbutton that top button and you’ve got yourself a far more interesting pink shirt! Maybe if he tried a little harder in the morning, and didn’t wear sweater vests like this:

  Well, maybe then he wouldn’t get half as many slushies. 


One of my favourite uniforms of this episode was the Cheerios doing Katy Perry:

Flaming boobs! Blue hair! And then Sue telling them to wear chicken cutlets for more jiggle!  What’s not to love? 

Blue hair actually suits Quinn. She needs to ditch the good girl act and go alternative 90s. Or keep the cute and sex it up for her own high school Katy Perry look. 


I know this a practical look for a cheerleader in the winter, but, well, skirts and pants? I can’t help but think hipster art student. Or maybe some ill advised outfits of mine in the 90s.


Speaking of ill advised, the rest of the Glee girls need to think about their sweaters. Mercedes has a commitment to animal print that is bordering on unhealthy and Lauren looks like she chooses her outfits blindfolded.  I’m on the fence about Rachel’s sweater. On first glance, it was an ill advised animal print. Then I saw the giraffe head and it won me over.  


But that’s their uniforms. Tina: goth (*yawn*). Mercedes: multiple animal prints. Lauren: bag lady. Rachel: usually cutesy dresses (we’ll get into the usually a little later). 


Except, call me crazy, but I kind of like the hunting cap that Lauren is working. It adds a little je ne sais quoi  to her bag lady chic. 


My favourite uniform worn by the Gleek girls? Football uniforms. 


Mostly bad ass…except for Rachel’s Rachelness.  It was a nice break from the usual. Like animal prints. 

Enough already, Mercedes. Enough. We get it: you are a sassy diva. Now wear a solid or a polka dot.


Speaking of divas, let’s talk Rachel.  This is the Rachel I liked when the show started:

Minus the bangs, I liked her cuteness. Her cardigans and geeky sweaters with kittens on them. But somewhere along the way, that Rachel has been lost. Sure she still rocks the coloured tights, but now the dresses aren’t nearly as cute. They’re kind of grown up, which is very un-Rachel. She’s the least grown up character around.


Okay, on closer inspection, those are chickadees, but it’s not Rachel high school cute.


And this one?? This isn’t cute. This is work appropriate for me.


Dear Rachel: let’s get back to basics, okay? Your uniform is so cute that it makes me want to puke a little. But in a good way. Your uniform should not be “work appropriate young lady” fashion. Leave that to people who work at something other than being a diva.  

However, I totally want/need her coat.

 Oh look, Mercedes is wearing an animal print. Shocker. 


A uniform I’d like to see more of is this one:

Oh hey Sam! Why are you hiding under bulky football jackets? More tight shirts! I want you looking like you’re going dancing at a men’s only bar in 1999. All the time. And I want way less of this:

And Finn? Wake me when he gets an interesting shirt. Even a graphic print on his t-shirt would be something. I’ll just nap through his uniforms.


And with the Cheerios being forced to choose between Glee and cheering, we’re going to get a whole new crop of uniforms. I’m curious to see how they dress in everyday clothes. I’m looking forward to seeing the adorable (but not pukey cute Rachel adorable) that Quinn is going to bring.