Candy hearts, hearts breaking, fireworks and silly love songs: this was totally the Kurt and Santana show. With a giant dose of weird from Tina.

Song of the night: Puck serenading Lauren with “Fat Bottomed Girls”

Brittany Bon Mots: Maybe try rocking back and forth, they do that in the movies.

Words of Wisdom from Kurt: (to the Gap employee who said his co-workers didn’t know he’s gay) Just with the hair, I think they do.

Melodramatic Rachel Solo of the Week: Katy Perry’s Firework. With sparklers. And fireworks.

Outfit of the week: I want to give it to Brittany’s adorable stripes & shorts, but the slumber party was the cutest.

Number of Sue track suits: 0

  It’s still Double Glee Week! Full recap of Superbowl Shuffle today and a full recap of Silly Love Songs by Kristina on Friday.