At first, I thought this outfit was one of Caroline’s best. It was simple, clean, and seemed so natural. The fitted blazer hugged her in the best way possible, and no one can ever go wrong with black jeans and boots. The adorable scarf pulled the outfit neatly together.


Later, I saw this and realized the shirt was patterned. This is when the word “disaster” hit me. I realized the top clashed completely with the scarf. She should learn a few tips from Elena and kept it simple. A white t-shirt would have done the trick. I do have to say that besides her shirt, she looked great. Her hair looked bouncy and playful, and her makeup was clean, smooth, and natural.


Elena has a way of wearing red like no one else does. It suits her extremely well, as she’s noticed (she’s worn it several times in various episodes). The neckline is perfect for her necklace, and her hair is up in a “just-walked-out-of-bed-and-made-my-hair-into-a-messy-ponytail” sort of way. In the best way possible, of course.


Aunt Jenna looks very confused here. I would be, too, if I were wearing her dress-wrap-thing. At first glance it’s elegant and laid-back, a lot like Aunt Jenna’s usual style. Then I saw the full outfit:


It looks like some sort of long skirt or layered shirts or something incomprehensible. On the other hand, I liked Alaric’s outfit, even if it is only shown for a few seconds. (Another) leather jacket, but the brown color matched the red button-down shirt quite nicely.


We’re in for a huge surprise when Jules shows up at Tyler’s house wearing … a leather jacket. I rather liked it because she matched it with a hoodie underneath, giving it a more feminine look. She finally has the female leather jacket look in the bag, as she’s discovered it appears better cropped. Also, her shirt is less fancy and more casual, toning down the outfit into something more wearable during the daytime.


Oh Bonnie. She’s one of the sweetest characters, and she has the most positive energy. If only she channeled it towards her outfits. It’s not very clear here, but the cardigan has a pattern shaped like a cross on the sleeve. She should learn that mixing patterns isn’t always the best idea. The busy shirt, with assortments of flowers and mixes of colors is too much to match the already unique cardigan.


Never mind, it’s not a cross. A bow maybe? The sticky ones that belong on Barnes and Nobles gift wraps. Hm, unsure of what Bonnie was thinking. On the other hand, her bag isn’t visible but the strap has an interesting metal pattern on it.


Well, that’s a little weird to be wearing in a tomb … to each his own! I rather like what Katherine is wearing, but I would expect her to wear this in a more comfortable environment than a cold, lifeless area.