Episode Synopsis: Drama, drama, drama. Elena and Jeremy’s daddy is back, but it’s not a happy family reunion. As Elena states “You may be my father, but I’ll never be your daughter.” Ouch. Elena – 1, Daddy – 0. The two vampire brothers argue about which way to deal with werewolves – the nice way, or… the nice way, in Damon’s point of view. It’s not all fun and games when things get messy between the enemies and Caroline is kidnapped. Werewolves play rough, and Damon’s witty responses don’t always cover every situation.

Why does everyone’s fixed gaze in Vampire Diaries make my heart melt? Tyler’s done it again. A leather jacket? I couldn’t tell. It would seem so typical of him to wear one, seeing as EVERY male character (and sometimes female!) is shown in a leather jacket during every episode.


Well helllooooo Damon. This is one of your best looks so far. Why don’t you wear a towel to school?


Uncle John (or Daddy John?) pulls off the sports jacket with his steaming cup of coffee. I like how the collar is up on the sides, but down in the front.


Damon and Stefan are out and ready to become a boy’s band! With their matching black v-necks and jeans, they decided to dress the same today. Stefan’s hoodie is a nice color, and at least it stops him from performing a Backstreet Boy’s music video in the middle of his living room.



Brady and Jules called each other this morning in order to coordinate outfits. Two casual tops, two leather jackets. Sticking with the Vampire Diaries style.


Jeremy seems to have everything right when it comes to clothing. He knows how to work his casual, effortless style by throwing on a hoodie and a great jacket and calling it a day. If only he bought a comb …


WOO it’s time for a celebration! Matt is wearing a JEAN JACKET. No leather here! First time in this episode that a scene has passed with no leather in it.


Damon taking a bubble bath. And I thought the hottest he could get was in his towel.