As for the boys … let’s just say that they didn’t exactly pull their weight in this episode. I know Damon’s distraught over Rose’s impending death, but he’s looking a little uninspired tonight. He couldn’t even give himself some period clothes for Rose’s dream?


And he deprived us of a leather jacket, opting instead for this cotton number. For shame, Damon. For shame. Sure, attacking a poor but stylish woman was bad, but what’s worse is that you didn’t even bother to dress up for your return to evil. How are we supposed to take your transformation seriously if you’re not wearing a leather jacket? At the very least, you could have donned a cape. Something other than this perfectly nice but terribly boring jacket.


The other Salvatore brother is barely in the episode, but he spends half his screentime shirtless, so at least there’s that.


Oh, I see now why he was shirtless for the first scene – it was to make up for the fact that he’s wearing a plaid button down and rocking hair last seen on Robert Patterson. Is it Mandatory Vampire Love Interest Hair? Because if I saw a vampire with hair like that, I would have a hard time taking him seriously as a threat – there’s no way he can pose any real danger when he spends that much time getting his hair perfectly teased and mussed.


Poor Caroline. First she’s turned into a vampire, then she’s stuck in a love triangle with two guys who share the same outfit.


If not for the fact that Matt and Tyler were in a scene together, I would think that the football team has a communal pair of pants and belt that only one team member can wear at a time. Maybe the jeans and belt are part of the uniform, along with the jersey?

Caroline is right – everybody does need to stop kissing her. They need to pull a Kelly Taylor and Choose Themselves, if for no other reason than Tyler and Matt really need to start thinking about their wardrobe limitations. Tyler, you’re a werewolf now. You get to wear ripped jeans and be the sensitive but strong love interest. Matt, you’re … well, you exist. Go get a piercing or something, I don’t care. Just do something, because at this point, I’m hoping Caroline chooses Uncle John.