Episode Synopsis: Elena watches a near death and very unhinged Rose. She does as good of a job as can be expected given that, in her less lucid moments, Rose tries to kill Elena. Meanwhile, Caroline is the center of a very boring love triangle, Stefan is searching for Isobel, and WereJules is causing trouble. Damon spends the episode trying to avoid feeling real emotions, and in the end he returns to the dark side after a drunken monologue to a helpless victim.


Elena, dressed like a normal teenager. After recapping so many episodes of Gossip Girl, it’s almost strange to write about a character who actually wears jeans and Converse (who isn’t Dan Humphrey).


Normally a henley wouldn’t be worth three screencaps, but this one has some really great detailing. Initially, I couldn’t decide if I liked or hated the double button placket. After lengthy deliberation, it’s really grown on me. What hasn’t grown on me is Elena’s inability to hold a stake. Shouldn’t that be part of Vampire Dating 101? The Mystic Falls School Board should institute mandatory stake holding classes for students, along with Driver’s Ed and Health.


This is probably an unneccessary cap – I probably could have just mentioned that the henley had elbow patches. But the elbow patches are a really cute touch, and I don’t know if I could have properly described them. Plus, Nina Dobrev has the prettiest hair in the world. No joke, I stared at this screencap for ten minutes, mesmerized. I called my boyfriend over so he could bask in the glory of her perfect hair (he didn’t appreciate it the way I did).

Also, Ian Somerhalder is sporting some epic crazy eyes in this freeze frame.


Speaking of crazy eyes, someone in makeup needs to tone down the fake eyelashes. I’m pretty sure that if Nina Dobrev bats her eyes, there’s a typhoon in China.


I understand wanting your actresses to look doe-eyed and innocent, but this is just too much. The only things with eyelashes this thick are dolls. At a distance, I’m sure the false eyelashes really work, but when you’re doing extreme close-ups, it’s beyond distracting.


And, of course, Elena’s trusty KRMA leather jacket. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of this over the next few months, so become acquainted with it now.


Caroline is rocking a pretty awesome outfit this episode. Since turning into a vampire, she’s definitely developed an edge to her style, and I love it. I would totally steal this outfit (except for the ankle boots – flat ankle boots are no one’s friend).


The back of the skirt is perfect for a tiny actress – the pleating in the back creates a great shape without being too poufy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pleating used this way, and it totally works.


Caroline’s leather jacket of the week – I missed it when I was writing the mini-recap, or I would have crowned this the Best Leather Jacket Ever. Seriously, those studs are amazing, and the shape of the jacket keeps the whole look tough but feminine. If you know who makes this jacket, please tell me, because I need to buy it ASAP.


Lucky for Jules, one of the campers she mauled was her size. She’s also lucky that they packed hair product and makeup for their camping trip, given her dewy skin and perfectly coiffed hair.

WereJules’s victim poor Rose spends most of the episode in lackluster clothes. She does, however, have a choppy bob that more than makes up for the boring wardrobe and cold sweats.


Damon’s secret is revealed: he’s a great personal Stylist. When he created this dream for Rose, he put her in a beautiful blue.


No joke, the man knows how to work a color palette. I’ve been seeing the grey and peach combo popping up in accessories lately – very on-trend, Damon. You’ve got to give him credit: he understands that, if you’ve got to stake a girl, at least let her play dress-up first.


But best-dressed for the episode might go to Damon’s poor victim at the end of the episode. I know I gave it to Rose in the mini recap, but upon rewatching I’m definitely changing my vote to Helpless Victim. If nothing else, she deserves the title for running in heels on asphalt – not an easy task, especially when you’re terrified of the pretty drunk man launching into soliloquies about his secrets.

Godspeed, Helpless Victim. May you go to the Vogue Closet In the Sky.