ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Sorry, was I supposed to care about Nate and his Dad? I was too busy sleeping through their part of the story.


Let’s see, here is Nate in a plaid shirt with bedroom hair. Shocker.


Here we have Nate’s Dad playing Wii Tennis with the maids. Not sure which is more upsetting – the fact that he is wearing a robe, t-shirt, and pajama pants, or that he actually said “Boom Goes the Dynamite” when he won? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I think he could be a prime candidate for Pajama Jeans.

The Vanderbilts appear to be trying to cut costs by wearing lackluster workout attire. Sass it up here Team, I’ve seen more color and style from the elderly women who do water aerobics at the gym. Let’s get it together.


Hair gel isn’t going to make you more exciting, Nate. Stop looking so sad. I’m sure Dad will be embroiled in a scandal in no time, and then he’ll stop hanging around the house with the maids. Instead of being so focused on the Captain, why don’t you go find a new girlfriend. We need a little excitement around here.


Holla! Chicago hot dogs are in the house.

Over the course of this episode, Nate’s Dad has played video games, avoided responsibility, drooled over a girl’s bum, and eaten junk food. Looks like someone is going through puberty.


“Hey son, I don’t really want to work, I was planning on spending my first few days out of jail by wearing dull outfits and chasing tail. I like it when they call me Captain.”