The episode begins with a rather awkward run-in between Rufus and Allison with Lily and her new man, Bart Bass.

Is it awkward because of the romantic tension or because one pair is so badly dressed in comparison to the other?  Hard to say.

I bet it’s not hard for you to guess who the poorly turned out pair is, though.

Yes, that olive green stripped sweater of Rufus’ is back with a vengeance, this time paired with a muted red plaid scarf in a nod to the holiday season.  If I never have to see that sweater again, I’ll throw a party, Gossip Girl style.


For being an edgy ex-rock star, Rufus certainly has terrible taste in leather jackets.  This one looks like he picked it up for $50 at one of those duty-free stores at the airport.


And the crowning evidence that Rufus is (and will ever be) fashionably lame?

I present his Christmas attire:

Could he be any blander?  I honestly do not see what Lily saw in him.  Maybe he used to dress better?  You’ve got to hope so.  Though I will admit to finding him in an apron adorable.  Maybe any man in an apron is automatically adorable?


Rufus’ soon to be ex-wife doesn’t do any better (hey, you knew her three episode guest run was coming to a close, so this had to be her final appearance).

This jacket is the step-sister to a sweatshirt.  Lily van der Woodsen doesn’t even know what a sweatshirt is, even though we do have evidence she owns a cashmere snuggie.

Fur-lined hood or no, this is what’s referred to as not trying very hard.


I’ve never seen any character with such an affinity for cowl-necked sweaters and jeans.  This one is a nice shade of muted cranberry.  That’s really the best thing I can say about it.


I actually like the cut and design of this one better, but it’s still a cowl-necked sweater so I’m not sure that even matters.


Oh, Lily, you single-handedly save all characters over the age of 21 from looking dowdy and bizarre.

The trench coat is so chic and fits her flawlessly.

The camel turtleneck is luxe-looking and complements both her coloring and the pale gray of the coat.  Well done, Lily, but not very surprising.  This is your equivalent of Allison’s sweatshirt fail.


I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this gold dress.  I feel like there’s too many overly-designed elements going on around the bodice area. There’s gold lace trim, a gold sequin inset, as well as the gold-patterned fabric.  Still, you have to give her props for trying and for actually donning a party-like dress, unlike Eleanor who wore an ugly shiny red jacket and pants or Blair who decided on a bag fashioned out of some curtains.  You can’t deny it—Lily looks festive, despite also looking like she’s trying a little too hard.


Another example of trying too hard:  when everyone is in their pajamas for Christmas morning and you literally not only dress, but wear jewelry.

Yes, your boyfriend is present—and he’s not just your boyfriend, but uber-billionaire Bart Bass—but that’s a bit excessive, don’t you think?

I do like the necklace though.  The combination of small and larger links is interesting.  Not really a fan of what I can see of her top—it’s a bit too wrinkly and I don’t think I like that shade of brown on her.


Bart Bass has more money than God and since his son wasn’t in this episode, I have to rhapsodize over at least one Bass per blog.  So Bart it is.

No red here, but I really like the combination of different shades of blue.  Navy in the coat, lighter sky blue in his shirt, and a medium blue pattern in his tie.  This is the effect that I think Blair was going for with her school uniform, she just didn’t quite get there.  I can’t say I like the white collar with contrasting colored shirt, but he is working it.


For Christmas morning, Bart dresses down probably about as much as he ever does.  No Marlins jerseys for him!

He pairs a pair of dark slacks with a light blue shirt with a tiny white check pattern, a red tie, and a very luxurious looking gray sweater.  He looks great, and like Chuck, it would be nice to see him dress down a little more often.