Oh, Little J.  What a cute beret!

I love it when Jenny goes straight for the adorable factor, like she does here.  That’s when she works it best.

However, we pull to a larger view, and the adorable factor segues into . . .

. . .well, something that’s pretty much the opposite of either adorable or cute.

I’m not sure if her legs have somehow taken on the characteristics of an oopma-loompa or if Jenny’s decided she doesn’t want to be Blair’s disciple anymore, and instead has switched to Lindsay Lohan.

Despite those incredibly unfortunate tights paired with those clunky brown boots (which, for the record match nothing in her ensemble), she doesn’t look too horrific from the waist up.  The jacket thing is kind of ugly, and the Humphrey Plaid Mania strikes again, but if it had been just a dress, instead of a tunic, it would have been marginally improved.  I like the potential of the darker blue and green plaid pleated skirt, but unfortunately almost completely hidden by the jacket/tunic/plaid painter’s smock thing.

You can’t see the dress she’s wearing underneath this pretty gray swing coat very well, but I wanted to include this picture if only for her gorgeous hair.  Maybe if I stare at it for five minutes without blinking, turn around three times, and spit on the ground, I’ll manage to exorcise of the demons of Jenny’s extensions in future Gossip Girl seasons.

Jenny isn’t, of course, a debutante herself (yet) but when she claims in front of Lily Van der Woodsen how much she adores the idea of a debutante ball, Lily instantly recruits her as a volunteer.

Here’s the dress she wears to the event itself:

While it’s not exactly objectionable (though the lace skirt paired with the satin training-bra like bodice is kind of tacky), it’s not great either.  It looks like something I might have had in my dress-up box when I was five years old.  The perfect dress to wear when I played Pretty, Pretty Princess.

Still, not a half-bad attempt, and reminds us that Jenny is still quite young.  My only truly negative comment is regarding that cheap-looking heart pendant necklace.  I found it very difficult to believe that cutting-edge Jenny Humphrey, who lives in a Brooklyn loft, would be caught wearing something so cliché.

Brooklyn-to-the-core Allison is desperate to try to keep a hold on her daughter, but maybe she isn’t do the greatest job.  Maybe if Allison was a little more like the glamorous Lily and less like . . .herself, she’d be more effective.

When you wear an ill-fitting t-shirt the color of rotten vomit and a saggy pink sweater with weird rose-like buttons, your daughter can’t exactly look up to you as a fashion role model.

I’ve mentioned before that the grownups on Gossip Girl have a terrible time dressing their age.  They seem to either dress far too young, or veer off in a matronly direction.

This is definitely the former, not the latter.  It actually looks like a dress that Jenny might pick out for herself, and look good in.  On the much older Mrs. Humphrey, it looks too girlish and more than a bit naïve.  Are those flowers on the neckline?  Starfish?  I guess you could make the argument that it’s possibly a vintage find, but even that’s wearing a bit thin.  For an art opening, even in Brooklyn, a simple cotton sundress is just too informal.

On a positive note, her hair looks wonderful up, and I like her understated but present makeup.  With a better dress, she might have actually earned a YKYLF gold star.  So close, Allison, but yet so far.

As for Allison’s husband Rufus, I have to first do my duty and point out his newest plaid.

The man owns so many plaid shirts, it’s a wonder he has room in the loft to store all of them.

I actually don’t mind this shirt and jacket combination.  It’s a bit unusual and kind of off-beat for Rufus, and it isn’t plaid—which are two things I’m incredibly thankful for.  Plus, it’s definitely nice to be able to write about something other than plaid when it comes to Rufus.

The shirt itself has some really interesting pattern going on, and I like the dull red and cream paired with the dark navy blue wide stripe of his jacket.  Plus, Rufus seems to have finally gotten the right length for his hair.  It’s not cropped too short or threatening to go mullet-wild.

Dan goes full-on Brooklyn for the debutante reception.  I think it’s possible he was feeling a little too mainstream, and felt the need to dig into his cardigan collection to remind him of his hipster roots.

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Serena actually let him leave the loft that way.  Shirt untucked, with that hideous striped cardigan.

For the record, Dan, a cardigan isn’t a replacement for a nice sport coat, which we all know you own.

Of course, if he’d worn the sport coat, he couldn’t have vented about all his avant-garde lifestyle choices.  That would have been hypocritical and Dan Humphrey’s anything but hypocritical.  Right?

I actually like this tuxedo that he wears to the Debutante Ball itself.  You can tell he’s trying to make a statement by not wearing some cookie cutter black and white tuxedo, and on top of that, it looks good on him.  Different, yes, but not too different.

The dark colors work well on him, and unlike so many times before, Dan doesn’t attempt to formalize a casual outfit or dumb down a nice one.  He walks the fine line flawlessly  here.

The slightly lighter grayish-blue shirt with dark vest and bow tie is a nice combination.  To my shock (and probably Serena’s too) he not only looks good, but presentable at a formal occasion.