Maybe it’s my middle-class small town upbringing, but I have never seen a group of 20 year olds so committed to going to the ballet.  Serena whines at the beginning of the episode that all she wants is for Tripp Colin to be on her arm at the ballet. Really? Because when I had a crush on a guy when I was 20, I was thinking more along the lines of going for coffee or making out. Going to the ballet never on my list of things for us to do.  I was also more into hanging out at “events” where everyone was my age and they had cheap beer and plaid couches in their apartments. Galas did not factor into my university social scene. But whatever. I guess that’s the difference between my small Canadian school and Columbia.

Let’s forget about the cultural differences and focus on what Serena wore.  When I first got a peek at it, I was thinking that maybe she got it right this time. She was going to look sexy, but still cover up some of the goods. It was the first gown she’s worn in awhile that doesn’t involve heaving breasts.


However, I was totally wrong.


I think Blake Lively’s contract states that every outfit must show off her incredibly long legs.  Sometimes this means her skirts are little more than a macaron-wrap (to be slightly more tasteful and quote Jen’s mini-recap). Newsflash for the costume department: we get it already. She’s got legs that don’t stop. Now add an inch to her skirt.


I liked what Blair was wearing. It fits, which is more than I can say for her gowns earlier in the season.  It’s a bit a bit too springy for a fall event, if you ask me, but I otherwise like it.


And she’s got good shoes and a lovely updo. Overall, well played Blair. Too bad Tripp Colin is so cookie cutter.


Then again, cookie cutter might be better than whatever is happening with Chuck’s collar.


I appreciate they are experimenting with Chuck’s wardrobe again.  I know last season caused me to weep a few tears for his former dandy glory days.  But this collar is just a little too odd for my liking.

As for our other two dudes, well, would it kill them to wear a bow tie once in awhile?


I’m not talking Chuck Bass everyday bow ties. Just a dressy one.  Also, Dan needs to get a white shirt or a different tie. He looks like he mixed office wear with a tuxedo jacket. Then again, he is supposed to be new at this upper class stuff. Maybe this is how it keeps it real and keeps it Brooklyn. His coloured shirts laugh at their upper class conventions.

When Nate found out that Juliet’s big secret was that she’s poor (well, one of her big secrets. We still don’t know where that grudge match against Serena is coming from. My money is on a private school scandal), he tells Juliet that he’s okay with her being poor and that she can wear a dress she actually owns to the ballet. That shows just how out of touch Nate is with the working class. Sure he was broke for awhile when his dad went to prison, but he still doesn’t realize that your average working class girl doesn’t have a spare gown in her closet.  So my guess is that Juliet “borrowed” this dress for the night.



She kind of looks like a Grecian mess in Serena’s hand-me-downs.


The Grecian mess might have been better if it wasn’t doing that weird imitation of drapes in the front.  Her choice of dress (and dating Nate) makes me wonder if she’s maybe going a little Single White Female on Serena. (We’re going to play a little game here. It’s called: Wardrobe Continuity Fail. Just watch Juliet’s belt).

I bet you’re wondering who is that girl in the lovely and tasteful pink gown.  The girl with few visible accessories. Surely she must be new. Or maybe an extra? But the kind of ratty ponytail gives her away. It’s Vanessa.


There are no chains! No baubles! No beads! Shocker, I know.  Maybe someone did stage an intervention. Or maybe Juliet stole one of the necklaces Vanessa had planned to wear. Savour the  moment friends, because I’m sure she’ll make up for it next week with chains to rival Mr. T. (p.s. where does Vanessa get her gowns? She’s not pulling a Juliet at the stores, is she?)

Remember the game I mentioned? Well, see if you can spot the wardrobe continuity fail:


Oopsie daisie. She was so upset by her take down plans that she lost her belt.

And just when I was worried that our UES gang was acting like 40 year olds?


Oh yes. They ganged up on Juliet and they did it Mean Girls style.  In fact, if they weren’t in gowns and tuxes and from good families, they might have resorted to kicking Juliet a few times.  Oh those wacky rich kids. You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out.

For me, the episode ended on an sour and overly smokey eyed note.


Sigh. Little J is coming back.  I was hoping she’d be like Eric this season and exist in name only. No luck. My only hope is that their evil plan works and they actually take Serena down a notch. If it wasn’t for Blair and Chuck, Serena would have gotten her ego checked a few seasons ago.