We FINALLY see an ACTUAL campus. I was beginning to think that these kids didn’t really attend school.  Thus, typical of a college campus, a rumor spreads that Serena has been…ahem…spreading something too much and has contracted a not-so-nice disease. Which leads to drama-rama between Dan, Vanessa, Nate, and Juliet and apparently a great organizational chart that details the incestuous relationships of the gang. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck begin the war of the century; and Chuck enrolls at Columbia…well, just so he can strike revenge more easily on Blair.


This dress (or is it a skirt and top?) seems a little out of Blair’s normal comfort zone; thus, I don’t know what to make of it.  I’m reading this as way too “summery,” but I am a fan of this mixture of prints.


Then looking at her outfit sandwiched between her minions, I honestly like the way they are blending. 

But then again, the fit of this on Blair is not the best. I know, Blair, that you have a small chest…but seriously go to a tailor…


She has reverted to her “politician’s wife” phase. Need I say more?


I’m in LOVE with dress. The detail, the color, the length, Blair’s choice of accessories (take note Vanessa) are all divine.


This isn’t the greatest pic of the back, but you can see the exposed zipper which makes it even more parfait!


Just a close-up of the scrumptious ruching, pleating, and the like of the front.


It appears that Serena has finally washed her hair.  Thank god. Last episode it was pretty greasy and way too bed-head looking. Now if only she could get her whole wardrobe thing figured out. The concept of the outfit is there, but the execution is lost. Shorts and a tank for class. Perfect. But wait, wait, wait…this IS Serena van der Woodsen we’re talking about here. So of course, if I were her, I would pick a slightly too short top (which is really more like a vest), and a pair of oddly fitting shorts.

Let’s just say the bags take over the episode again this week.

Electric blue carry-all with practical side pockets. Done.

I think Serena’s little bow-esque hair clip is just too darn cute, as well as her hairstyle in general.

I mean, really? I’ve always thought “if you’ve got, flaunt it.” But at least make it look like you’re trying to flaunt it. Her vest/top/shirt thing just plain looks too small!


I hadn’t really noticed, but apparently Serena and Vanessa have been spending WAY too much time together. They’re sharing jewelry.

Once again, Serena’s bag is the best thing about her outfit.


Did Serena go shopping in Vanessa’s closet? Oversize tunic, oversize jewelry. The peep-toe booties are uber-cute, however and almost…almost makes it work.


I almost missed the huge, chunky ring!




Paired with perhaps, the worst front of a dress ever.  For once, the shape and fit is very flattering.  But the little keyholes just look like Serena is busting out of that thing. 


If we could have just viewed the back, that would have been totally fine.  The length of the back is the most appropriate thing we’ve seen Serena wear in a long time, and the heels (although I can’t really tell what color they are) add the right dose of color.