As summer draws to a close, so does GG’s time (or is it temps?) en gay Paris.  Serena plays the role of Dynasty darling du jour Joan Collins, Nate and Dan and Juliet and Vanessa weave a tale of lies and lust, while Chuck and Blair prove doubly that their chemistry will most definitely always have that certain je ne sais quoi.


I’d be dismayed too, Blair—that floral necklace screams Miami, not ol’ Paris.

Much better. Loving that cream on you. You look so Parisian! Wistful, elegant and beautifully made.


Pretty pretty princess Blair. You’re definitely playing to your crowd here. I’m sure Prince Louis is putty in your hands.

The hair’s a little Prom 98, the dress is a little low cut, but it works, somehow.

I really enjoy the simplicity in Blair’s ensembles…until the most DRAMATIC GOWN EVER IN GOSSIP GIRL HISTORY makes its entrance…

Lady in Red. Showstopper. Never seen anything like it. Way to bring out the strong color, and it fits Blair like a glove. When I think about Paris, I think about this dress. (And the Eiffel Tower…and little cafes…and French children…but I digress).


And cut to the most yearn-filled, angst-ridden, emotionally poignant scene we’ve ever seen of the series…JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY. FOR GOOD. AND CHUCK PLEASE WEAR SOMETHING ELSE.


At the end of the episode, Blair’s back to her spunky fun fashion sense. She ditched the simplicity, she ditched the va-va-voominess, and she’s headed back to face New York. Looking like a million bucks, of course.