Chuck is back.


A grey pin-striped suit, a shirt with pink stripes, and a tie that verges on purple?

Welcome home, Chuck. You’ve been missed.

And of course, if the occasion calls for formal attire, Chuck’s in a tux. For Dan or Nate, wearing a suit is going all-out. But for Chuck, the only way he can look slicker than his day to day is by going full-out Bond.

Which, quite frankly, is more than alright by me.

The other guys didn’t even put up a fight when it came to wardrobe choices. Let’s just start with Dan, who has apparently taken to entering rooms like The Fonz.

A leather jacket, a brown shirt, jeans. Who saw that coming? I wonder what crazy fashion risks he’ll take with his suit.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was expecting.

As for his partner-in-plaid Nate, he’s … wearing plaid. It must be hard to find new things to wear when you don’t have a character. Although, at least he’s trying to make it work. Chase is Blue Steel-ing it up like crazy in this shot.

I will say this about Chase Crawford: he can wear a suit. And he should wear a suit. All the time.

He is Chuck Bass’s best friend and roommate. This plaid phase reflects poorly on both Chuck and the Empire Hotel. If Nate wants to look like he just got off the F-train, then he should get himself a loft in Williamsburg. If he wants to stay on the UES, he’s going to have to step it up.

Speaking of “up,” I have one question, and I mean this in all earnestness.

Is this the natural shape of Connor Paolo’s hair, or are the stylists using Blair’s old Bump-Its? Because the kid’s got an unusual amount of lift in the crown, and it’s driving me crazy.

Also crazy is the idea of a knit men’s blazer.

And yet, here’s Cameron, wearing one. For the entire episode. He never changes out of it, he loves his Mister Rogers sweater that much.

What is Blair doing with this guy? She doesn’t have to be with Chuck, because the selling her to his uncle thing will put a dent in a relationship, but she’s Blair Waldorf. She does not have to date a boring lacrosse player who wears a grandpa sweater blazer for an entire episode. She is better than that.

Most of the time. She is better than that most of the time.