Dan.  Get a haircut.  I just rewatched The Stepfather and the summer 2009 coif does much more for you than this one:

 However, you look quite natty in your scarf!  Don’t get too dapper on us though, you’re no longer seeing Serena, and instead have taken up with this, um, inspired fashionista:

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Vanessa goes perusing for her signature “incredibly large could it be any bigger?” jewelry:

Salesperson: How may I help you?

Vanessa:  I want the biggest, loudest, most bedazzled earrings in this joint.

Salesperson: Luckily you’ve come to the right place:  The Enormous Incredibly Massively Oversized Jewelry Emporium.  

Seriously.  Vanessa has a take no prisoners affinity for statement earrings.

All joking aside (but only for a moment), V looks pretty in this shot.  She’s maturing.  Not being so so wild or so so eclectic in her wardrobe choices.


But wait!  A few scenes later, another pair of big earrings make a comeback:


And in an emotional final scene, as V ignores Dan’s phone call, and we are all left to wonder until next week what will become of our tortured twosome, we have this:

A studded purse.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the studded trend, but the shape of the purse reads more “7th grader I’m in middle school now I’m 6 months past my training undergarments and I need something cute to hold all my crucial womanly items like my six different kinds of lip gloss and my iPhone (kids and their technology today…lucky bitc…I mean they’re lucky) than a completely mature I’m not talking to my boyfriend for at least 72 hours because he lied to me so I’ll just go hang out at my favorite coffee shop all. the. time.” look V was after.